what ive been looking for(a jb love story)

This story came to me in a dream and I would like to share it with all of u!

Chapter 1

we first meet

It was a sunny afternoon and I was working at my familys carnival the carnival was at a small town not a lot of ppl. And I was selling tickets and all of a suden justin bieber walks up asks"can I get some tickets please?"I said in a panic"yea u gona give me money"im thinking im so stupid asking that!he giggles saying" ur funny"I blush when he says it I give him the tickets and he says" thank u"and walks away I get on brake a hour later and im at the games with my friendswho work there and justin walks up sayin"whell isn't this a suprize"I start blushing"ru following me"I asked stupidly and he says"whell that depends do u want me to follow u?"I blushed so bad and I answered him"whell that depends to do u want to follow me?"he blushed and he said"whell I would like to know u better if that's ok?"I said"yea its fine"he laughed and said"cool" and then I realize this is what I've been looking for.

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