He wasnt a vampire, werewolf, or a demon. He was an angel.

While playing with her friends, a teenage girl finds an angel in the forest, and discovers later about his dark mission.

Sometimes angels are more fire than feathers: They are beautiful, but it hurts to touch them, and it scars you for life.

Chapter 2

A Dream

With a speed that would even impress a cheeta, the girl finds herself feeling more and more stupid for ever running away.

He as probably just in a costume, with a plasic light-sabre toy thingy, she thinks to herself. I'm probably being laughed at behind my back, but...

She glances behind her, not even knowing which direction she came from. Okay. Time to stop.

She rests against a tree, her eyes wide with fear. How am I going to get back to my friends? Do they even know I'm not with them? Will they make a search party? Should I start yelling for help-- then she remembers her cell phone.

"Duh!" she says outloud to herself. She digs in her pocket, but it isnt there.

It fell out when she was playing as Borormir.

"She't!" she whimpers loudly. Hugging herself, she begins to walk quickly, straining her ears for any sound.

She hears a sudden crackle of stick-meeting-foot, and turns with a huge smile, expecting to see Oscar or anyone else.

But it was the angel.

Flinching terribly, she then freezes and watches him with a cold feeling in her stomach.

If he's here to judge me... I'm probably going to hell... She began to tremble, her lungs feeling very tight. She could feel her lips quiver over her clinched teeth. He's going to kill me with his sword and send me to hell..

He doesnt have the sword out, she realizes a moment later, but it Did appear earlier out of thin air. It was possible he could do it again and slice her open within a split-second.

What do you want from me? she asks him in her thoughts, unable to make herself speak. Why are you following me? Are you going to kill me? Please... Dont... I'll be good...Tears fill her eyes and fall down her pale face.

In all this, the angel only watches her, silently. The sword suddenly appears with a flash of orange light, and Naomi flinches and crushes herself into a tree, too frightened to run.

His eyes... Naomi cant figure them out. They seem to be clear, touched with pale yellow and pale blue.

"P-please...go away..." Naomi whispers, not even realizing she was talking.

"You are not innocent." says the angel in a soft, calming voice. "I cannot leave Earth until all of the guilty fall by my blade."

"O-okay..." Naomi mumbles, feeling very agreeable due to his tone. Wait- what is she saying? He jsut said he was going to kill her! "Wait, dont!" she cries, wincing, even though he didn't even so much as blink. "Please dont kill me!!" she shouts, dark lines staining her skin as tears fall one after the other.

"It is not my duty to abide to your pleas, human." says the angel quietly. "You had the chance to ask forgiveness from God, but now you are too late. you must pay for your sins against His Laws."

I must be dreaming... Naomi thinks wildly. Yes, yes, its a dream! Just a crazy, lucid dream! Angels arent real, and I'm not crying; there must be a leak in the ceiling of my bedroom; I'm in bed... Yes! It all makes sense.

"I'm dreaming." Naomi announces suddenly with a calm smile.

The angel says nothing, his wings, she notices as an after thought, are very still, not even the wing makes them move.

"I've never dreampt of an angel before," she tells him, her voice hysterical. "Never ever ever! Isnt that funny? Heheheh...." she swallows hard against a purdge of vomit, and wipes the sweat nervoulsy from her eyebrows.

Why am I so nervous? she thinks. Its just a dream. I cant die now anyway, cause I havent even been kissed yet--

She looks up into the angel's mysterious eyes.

A wild, unrational thought burns in her mind: It's just a dream.... Kiss him.

Without warning, she pushes off the tree and puts her hands on the angel's soft, cool face, her eyes closing with an unpraticed snap as she plants her lips firmly into the angel's.

The angel doesnt react; he stands still, feeling the girl relax against him, her tension gone. He feels her lips soften against his, and her hands slide around his neck and touch his dark brown hair.

Humans were not allowed to touch an angel-- much less kiss them. Not only did it cause God to disaprove on the angel, but it also forces the angel to spare her. But the Kingdoms Law (I'm making all this up, so please dont freak out) any angel who is kissed or kisses, or touches a human in a x'ual way, would be forced to show mercy on him/her: they would remain the rest of their days on earth, left to suffter God wrath.

Closing his eyes, the angel silently cursed the human girl, though God had given him no power to do so.

Naomi broke the kiss and backed away, breathless and smiling. She was pleased to see the angel's eyes closed; he must have enjoyed it, she thinks. But when he opens his clearish-pale-blue/yellow eyes, she slowly stops smiling.

It isnt a dream.

And she just kissed a real, living, angel.

Naomi trembled so violently, her legs nearly breaking apart with the sudden thrust of horror, and she soon fainted.

Her last thought before she hits the ground is this: I hope he doesnt kill me.

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