He wasnt a vampire, werewolf, or a demon. He was an angel.

While playing with her friends, a teenage girl finds an angel in the forest, and discovers later about his dark mission.

Sometimes angels are more fire than feathers: They are beautiful, but it hurts to touch them, and it scars you for life.

Chapter 1

Orcs and an Angel

Naomi was always the out-going type. She was was always the one coming up with ideas that her group of friends could do together after school, whether it be going to the movies, going swimming, or role-playing their favorite movies or tv-shows in the woods behind the neighborhood.

The latter was the day's top-voted activity.

Naomi's friends ranged from age fourteen to age nineteen: There was Jacob, Samantha, Jewl, and Oscar.

None of them were related by blood, but they all knew eachother for at least four years.

Today's move: Lord of the Rings.

Naomi was no longer Naomi; she was a man of steel; Boromir.
Taking on a heavy accent and a manly voice, she pointed with a stick to the dark woody areas. "Orc's are coming!" she shouted. She pretended to hold a horn, and she made a loud trumpeting noise.

Her friends would not laugh at her, and they would not mock eachother after the game was over; they enjoyed being together, and playing in the nerdiest ways possible. They liked being different.

Jacob, who called himself Frodo, huddled close to Samantha, who called herself Sam (mostly because her nickname was Sam; she could not sound like him at all, and everyone had suggested beforehand that she play the role as an orc. But she decided against it.)

"Sam, I cant go on like this..." Jacob said breathlessly, clutching his hand around the vine-and-stick necklace, which was meant to serve as the Ring.

"Dont worry yourself, Mr. Frodo," said Samantha, almost too cheerfully. "We'll beat them orcs fair and square!"

From deep within the woods, an orc giggled.

Oscar leapt into view, holding a long stick which he held in the middle. He pretended to fit an invisable arrow to it, then shouted in a gruff voice, "You human scum will die!!" and he fired.

"They're firing upon us!" shouted Naomi, ducking behind her invisable shield. "You must hide yourselves, hobbits! Make haste to the river!"

"But I'm too fat to run!" laughed Samantha.

Just then, Jewl ran over from behind the trees with a violent, beastly roar. "Find the halflings!!" she shouted after her screams died down.

Oscar laughed, saying, "Wow, Jewl..." then he strung up an "arrow" and fired, saying, "For Sarumon!!"

Pretending to be shot, Naomi fell to the ground with a scream that nearly matched one Borormir may have made.

Frodo and Sam (Jacob and Samantha) make a run for it while their brave hero sacrifices himself.

With one orc chasing after the hobbits, and one orc aiming an arrow at her head, Naomi looked up at Oscar with a dark stare. "You-you will not f-f-ind Frodo," she tells him weakly. "I will not let you t-torment him!" She brings her stick up with a yell, tapping the orc in the chest.

Oscar roars and falls over, clutching his bloodless wound.

Taking her chance, Naomi runs down the woods to find the hobbits before its too late. But she soon gets stupidly lost and gets in a bad mood.

"Where the hell am I?" she asks herself harshly. "did I really just get myself lost?" She picks her way through the woods, ducking around branches and stepping over roots.

A flash of white from her left makes her stop and look.

She sees two massive wings that rise at least a good seven feet in the air, large, bright white wings that makes Naomi almost laugh. The wings are ten feet away, half-obscured by trees.

"What are those?" she asks herself, ignoring the obvious. "Those cant be real." She steps closer as her eyes adjust, and the man wearing the wings comes into focus.

The man is at least 6 feet, and his body is thin, as well as his arms and legs. But he doesnt seem ill-fed. He wears a loose white shirt and black loose pants. Bare-footed. His hair is dark brown.

Why is some dude dressed up in the woods? Is he roleplaying too? Naomi wonders. She walks over.

"Hey, what're you doing?" she asks loudly.

The angel turns and looks at her with closed eyes. He open them slowly as if doing so for the first time. He takes a noiseless step towards her, then another. A sword appears in his right hand with a flash of orange; the sword is silver, yet glows on the edges with a living flame.

Naomi takes a step back, and says nervously, "Where did you get that?"

But he doesnt answer.

He walks towards he and she pins herself agaisnt a tree; her hands grip the bark, peeling at it slightly to test if it will come off as a good weapon. But who is she kidding?

"Get away from me!!" she shrieks in fear, the flaming edging closer. She looks at his wings and wonders insanely why they didn't fall off yet. "Why dont they come off!?" she cries loudly, her voice breaking.

This man couldnt be an angel... they didn't exist. So what was he?
And was he going to kill her?

He stopped walking and opened his mouth to talk, but Naomi pushes off the tree and runs, bolting further into the woods in the wrong direction.

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