Evil Vampiress

This a movie script idea I came up with for a project in my freshman year English class. I wrote it before I even read Twilight (something at the time I thought to be dumb). My love for human and mythical/supernatural beings began with Piper and Leo (and later Pheobe and Coop and Paige and Henry) in Charmed and went onto Edward and Bella.
I hope you like this. Please let me know what you think! If it get enough good comments, I may write an official script to go with it! Enjoy! :)

Chapter 1

Evil Vampiress

by: XlhKmhEih
A young college boy is new to the campus and surrounding town. He is simply driving around and notices an old, Frankenstein-ish castle a ways back from the road. He can just make out the silhouette of a young girl on the tower balcony. The moon breaks through the clouds and she becomes bathed in the moonlight. He is quite taken with her and continues on into town with her in his thoughts. He drives through the town and after a while he stops on a dirt path. He is lost.
There is smoke from a campfire and he walks through the woods towards it. There he meets up with other students from the college, McKenzi, Derrik, Clara, Samara and Jimmy. They get to talking and, when asked of a girlfriend, he replies by telling of the strange girl, who he felt he had a connection with. They cringe in fear and advise him never to venture near her because she is an evil vampiress. He doesn't believe them and they laugh it off.
The next night we find him at a mysterious grave, which will symbolize that he has a vague idea of where he is, as if from a childhood memory.
There is a flashback of him as a boy holding hands with a woman, possibly his mother. She is talking to him and he is laughing at what she is saying.
It flashes back to him all grown up with an odd look on his face.
Back to the young boy, this time with a father type. He is standing behind the boy with one hand on his shoulder. They are both looking down at a grave, the very same where the adult him is standing. They are both crying.
Flashes back to and stays in the present. He is sitting and staring at the tombstone. Behind him, you can see an old, vine ridden archway. The girl from the previous night is seen beyond the archway, in a small clearing. She is singing a sad, slow melody and dancing to it. She has yet to see him and he inches his way towards her. He is in love with the song that he is hearing. She senses someone and stops.
He compliments her on her singing. She utters an inaudible reply, turns, and runs into the night. He follows, begging for her to stop. She seems to disappear and a bat is seen making its way to her tower.
The next day, he ventures to the town library and asks the librarians of they know anything about the old castle on the edge of town. He is told that a "family of the night" resides there. That is all he is told and he is discouraged from prying into their lives.
He drives by the castle that night and sees her silhouette again. He stops his car, gets out and hears her voice again. There is a vine ladder leading to the balcony and he begins climbing it.
When he reaches the top and climbs up to the balcony, she stops singing and tells him she expected him to show. They get to talking, staying up all night to do so, and when dawn comes he tells her he thinks hes falling in love with her. She is unsure what love is due to being kept here her entire life. His reply is that she will know for sure when it happens and she tells him she thinks she is falling in love too. They fall into sleep in each others arms.
As the sun begins to pool into the tower, she wakes and rushes to the only part where the sun cannot reach her. He runs in after her and closes the doors, blocking out all light. As his eyes adjust to the darkness, he sees a coffin in the middle of the room, halfway opened. His eyes grow wide with fear. He backs away from her, turns, throws open the doors and hurriedly descends the vine ladder. She is too afraid to go after him. It is a misunderstanding, she is really just sensitive to sunlight.
After dark, he is in the clearing from a few nights earlier with the same people. There he hears the full legend of the Evil Vampiress. It is made known that she has been around for centuries and her goal is to kill as many mortal men as she can. She is born normally and will never age a day past 35 and the only way for her to die is in the hands of a lover or a family member. He is terrified, but cannot bury the love he feels for her.
After that, he goes again to the strange grave site. She is just behind the archway, watching him silently. Her eyes are filled with the love she holds for him. She doesn't know what to do. She takes a step forwards and steps on a tree branch. He looks up and backs away when he sees her. Her eyes plead with him to stop and he does. She runs into his arms and hugs him, burying her face in his neck. She opens her mouth to say something to him and he thinks she is trying to bite him. He pushes her away and runs out of the grave site. She follows, begging for him to let her explain. He runs blindly due to the moon being behind some clouds. Before his eyes can adjust, he runs, face first, into a tree.
He wakes in her bedroom. He is laying in the coffin and when he realizes it, he gets up quickly, remembering the legend he'd heard earlier. He looks around and notices a wooden stake, necklace of garlic and a crucifix light. He sees the girl, blocking the exit. She is really attempting to protect him but he doesn't know this. She steps towards him and he backs away in a panic.
The doors are thrust open, throwing her across the room. She lands on her stomach and immediately jumps up again.
McKenzi and Derrik are standing there. The human and vampiress stare then she runs for the crucifix, aims it to them and turns it on. Nothing happens. McKenzi knocks it out of her hands. The boys act as if they are rooted to the spot.
The girls fight. They go back and forth, McKenzi saying the vampiress must be killed and the vampiress saying that he misunderstood her and she would explain everything to him later, he just needs to trust her. The human doesn't know what to do and they continue to fight.
Derrik picks up the wooden stake, which had fallen to the floor, and walks towards the girls with it. The human intercepts Derrik, grabbing for the dagger. McKenzi bumps his arm which makes the stake rip through the vampiress' flesh, straight to her heart. Blood spurts from around the stake and, when removed, flows freely. She screams and sinks to the floor, he following. McKenzi and Derrik back off. He begins to cry and tells her he didnt mean for that to happen, that he was trying to save her. She fights for her last breath, whispering out "I love you" before she dies in his arms. He kisses the still warm lips of her corpse and turns to McKenzi and Derrik. He has another flashback.
He is walking along a path with the woman from the first flashback. The sun is dipping below the trees and, as the moons comes out, two bats are seen flying toward them. They are the child versions of McKenzi and Derrik. The woman knows that they are vampires and nudges him along, telling him to wait inside the car. She stays and waits for them to transform. But he hides behind a tree and watches.
He looks on in awe as they change from bats to young kids. As he watches, they set upon his mother. He watches her die, too afraid to move a muscle.
Back in the present, he stands realizing that its them. He turns to them. They now have fangs and red/gold eyes. Outraged, he inches towards them with the garlic necklace. They commend him for killing the girl. He stops in front of them and in a quick, swift motion, gets the garlic around both of their necks. They scream in agony and claw at their necks, trying to get Their skin begins to sizzle and burn and they back out of the room and off the balcony. The sun rises and they dissipate in a cloud of smoke.
He takes one last, longing look at the girl, picks her up, lays her in the coffin and gently closes the lid. Tears are silently flowing down his face. He takes one last sweeping look of the room, as if to remember it. He walks out the doors, closes them behind him and descends the vine ladder for the last time.


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