Last of life

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Chapter 1


A virus has killed most every 1 out. Only a few people and animals have survived. You may choose any type of charicter (say a human, dog, cat, bear, ext) in first person. You'll describe what happens to them after or during when the virus has wiped out human kind. Your charicter may interact with ones that were made by the other writers (unless they have died, but still can if it's say, a flashback) Say ur human/animal, comes in contact with my human/animal) just b sure 2 make them like they were protraid in the end of the chapter their last apeared in. If you want, u can put a persinality profile up for your charicter at the begining. Please try to have a max of 5 main charicters through ur chapter (I dont care how many side charicters u have)

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