~'Sun Set Blood'~

~'Sun Set Blood'~

This is a lovestory between two different people; A male angel named Drake; and a Vampire female called Willow. Willow has light brown eyes and dark brown hair, and Drake looks exactly like Sasuke from Naruto Shippuden if you were wondering!
Genre: Romance, Supernatural, Mature, Josei, School Life, Adventure, & Adult. They somehow meet by fate's hands and become teenage lovers. Will Drake & Willow survive the evil prophecy that wishes to break them apart, & survive high school at the same time!

Chapter 2

~A New Home~

The world spun into a white and blurry haze as he opened his sore eyes, the throbbing pain now awakening into something more, something that was going to go into his heart; deeper than the pain that he was experiencing through out his sore and scarred body. He scrambled to his feet as he tried to maintain his balance as he stood up, reaching for the nearest tree trunk that he tried to steady himself on with his palms, wincing because of the pain.

Then his eyes caught on something that was in the distance from where he fell from his former home; there before him was a damp and coniserably large, crater. His hands then ran alone his shoulder, twisting his arm as he tried to feel the solum wings that were given to him, he had streched across his back as he struggled to turn around, but he couldn't feel them. It was no use. His wings were completely gone from his back, replaced by deep scar wounds, ravaged by the angels that threatened to demolish him on his spiralling journey towards the earth.
Drake's large hands ached from the impact, and his eyesight was beginning to fade slowly as he walked shakily into deeper forestry, with only one motion in mind. To lay and to rest.

After a short period of time walking, Drake decided to rest somewhere dark and damp; a good place for his throbbing headache and his deep injuries that would take some time to heal. He didn't know the extent of his wounds, but by the look and feel of them across his front and back torso, he guessed months. But there was one thing for sure that he did know. It was that the scars on his back never would heal. No, they'd be there forever, probably for his whole lifetime even. As he struggled to move on, his feet dragging, he could hear someone one call out. The voice sounded feminine and sweet. "H-Hello? Is any one there!" The female voice called out not far from him, and he flinched as he touched his wounds. "Is anyone there....?" Willow called out once again, hoping that it was just her imagination that she saw the dust that rose into the air when something hit the forest tree tops and into the ground, hard.

"What are you doing....." Drake replied, his voice cracking as he hadn't had anything to drink from the departure, so he could barely speak. She appeared from behind the large trees and he squinted in the darkness to see who she was and what she looked like. Her brown hair was over her shoulders, long and silky, and he saw that her brown eyes looked down on him with worry, or was it pity? He cleared his throat and saw her walk over to him, standing near him. "I-I n-need-" He gestured to his mouth for a drink of water, and she gasped.

"R-Right away! I'll get one right away for you!" She said, running off towards the river which was flowing a few metres away from them, it's waters gleaming under the faint sunlight that seeped through the trees and onto the ground, creating pools of light. "I wonder who he is," she said out loud to herself when she reached the bank, and since she had nothing else to carry the water in, she had to make do with her hands, which were clean. 'Maybe he's a stranger who just happened to get lost in the woods?' She thought curiously.

She reached him in a short while, trying not to spill the water that was sloshing in her gentle cupped hands, trying to spill over the edge of her delicate fingers.
"Here you go," she said softly, holding her hands out for him to drink from them. He hesitated at first but nodded silently before she tilted her hands onto his mouth so he could swallow the water, and he sipping it down eagerly, trying to swallow the precious clear liquid was one of the only elegant and good things in this wreched place of god's childern. His lips gently touched the palm of her soft hands, making her withdraw her hands back, surpised at his touch.

"Thank-you," he said gruffly, his throat feeling alot better than it was before. "I wouldn't have been able to walk to the river myself, in this state." She blushed slightly, before waving his gratefulness away with her hand; she didn't need him to apologise to her.

"Don't worry about it," she said, flashing him a grin. "It's the least I can do for someone like you," she said. 'Whoever you are,' she added in her mind. She didn't add that he looked completely irresistible in her eyes, not to mention very beaten up from whatever he had been doing.

After all, wouldn't someone else have done what she did? Probably not, she thought. He propped his elbows on his knees and looked at her, smiling a little. "What's your name?" He asked. She blinked before answering, and her lips turned into a small smile.

"U-um well, my name is Willow," she said, shyly fidgeting with her slender and soft fingers, hoping that she wasn't going to trip over a hidden log on the forest floor while being with him, again. "Willow Fair," she smiled shyly, holding out her hand for him to shake it in greetings. When he didn't she gave him a puzzled look and crossed her arms onto her small chest. "Um, are you going to tell me your name or not sir? I mean it would be nice if I knew the name of the person I'm helping....." She demanded, slightly irritated.

He lifted his bruised head and frowned, showing his hand out to her and she widened her eyes in horror. In front of her own eyes in front of a stranger, was a scar so deep that it could almost be mistaken for something that clawed it's way into his gorgeous skin so deep, exposing the very flesh and bone; it was like something terrible had happened to him. He shook his head and withdrew his hand from her sight; he didn't want to terrify Willow, or he'd never receive help from her.

"If I tell you my name, will you promise to keep it a secret and not tell anyone else that I was here with you?" He said, leaning in to whisper into her ear, and she nodded in agreement. Her face suddenly flushed a common red.

"Yes. I won't tell anyone, I promise." He sighed and brushed his short, black hair back with his large hands, wishing that there was an easier way to say this. He gave an exasperated sigh and stood up with the help of Willow of course, who only wanted to comfort this hurt and injured man and to at least know what his name was. "Um, you do remember your name, don't you?" She asked politely, balancing his weight on to her shoulder, wondering if he amnesia.

"Well, let's just say if I didn't remember my name, I wouldn't be telling you it, would I? My name is Drake," he raised his slender eyebrows and gave a delighted laughed when he saw that she turned stiff, her body rigid with the feeling of annoyance. "Sorry, sometimes I just love to tease people," he chuckled and she tried not to smile behind her hand that was covering her flushing face. How could someone be so cheery when they had extensive injuries to their body that would weeks, perhaps even months to heal? It didn't make any sense, but she was glad that he wasn't very gloomy and depressing, like most normal people she spoke with. But Drake was neither gloomy or depressing nor normal, neither was Willow.

"Drake, I can let you stay at my place if you want to, because it looks like your injuries are quite severe," she looked his body up and down, resisting the urge to blush a deep shade of red when he saw her staring at him intently. "But of course," she said winking, "I won't tell my mother." Drake raised his eyebrows and coughed, and a few droplets of a red liquid spilt onto the ground. He thought he saw her lick her lips slightly in the fraction of a second, but he shook his head, shaking the thought away. No, he must be imagining it.

"Thanks, I'd appreciate it," he said with a smile, winking at her as he walked in front, towards where she said her house was. Her house wasn't exactly a house, you see. It was a small wooden cabin that she lived in with her mother in the forest not far away from the town where they lived near, and occasionally drove there to get supplies. It was situated among the tall oak trees which swayed in the breeze above their cabin, dropping leaves onto the porch. But, she had lived there since she was small, so her mother decided to stay. She didn't mind though. His mind wandered back to the time he was in his favourite place, the fountain-like pool where his fellow angel friends could bathe and talk about what happened during the day, and he closed his eyes as he felt the pain rise up again.

The covert was large enough for them to walk through, avoiding the various logs and trees which had been chopped down, more likely by her mother, so he didn't want to come across her, or he'd probably end up like one of those logs too. Or so he thought, shuddering. Soon, they reached the door of the house and Drake looked around him with curious eyes, looking at the various piles of logs that they had stoked up for the fireplace that was smoking puffs of black and wispy smoke through the brick chimney on top of the red tiled roof, standing out in the forest like some foreign object. "Come in," she said, holding the door open for him to step inside, and he shrugged his shoulders which were sore and rolled his eyes when she giggled, telling him that her mother wasn't in the house, so he needn't worry.

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