My life as a Vampire

My life as a Vampire

Read to the end and let me know what you think of it, and if something missing just comment and i will change that promlen and if you want the book to be conture let me know and i will write more chartpers

Chapter 1

meeting the Vampire Hunters Pack

Every day went i walk down the hall, everyone was stareing at me. No one knew who i was. Every one thought i was beauitill because of my marble skin and topaz eyes with topaz hair.
After my day no one spoke to me, of cause it was for their own safey.

When i got to my home, my huge house i thought that i should go hunting. My thout felt like it would bust into flames soon.

I storked the deer slowly, the poor little creature did not know that a monster was chasing it. It felt like my thout was begging me to kill it in a flash something else was telling me that it was not a wise idea to attack. So i waited and soon i smelled humans, humans coved in vemon heading towards the bush that i wasi was hiding in.

"I know that a vampire is here" grunted the tall, skinny one. "My traker says so"

"Who knows" growled the most excited one.

You slowly climb a tree and they walked past you, then they walked back to the tree then pass then back.

"The tracker says up here" whisterd the tall skinny one pointing up. All of them stared up but you were too well hidden and you are quite certain that they did not see you. "Throw the garilc gas bomb in"
The most armed one pulled out a bomb from his jumper and held it back.

"Remember, we need this one alive so we can find out more about these blood sucking creatures" he said.

"Shhh.." everyone hissed at the armed one.

You had to act first, you dashed jump out of the tree and landed 20m away from the hunters and you sprinted as fast as you could...

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