Fountain Of Love (Justin Bieber love story)

my first story :)

Chapter 5


fter the wedding we came back home!! Yay we go..time to open my! I ran to the sofa and jump on it, haaaaah home sweet home..i missed you!! i ran to the door and locked it, i searched my bags and saw the coins and a poker chip that i picked up on the Fountana in Rome, i shaked it inside my hand and put it in the displayed bowl on the book shelf then my phone was Joanne.
Bea:"hello?" i sat down on the chair
Joanne:"umm let me ask you something, why are you in the front page of an Italian news paper drinking shapagne" she held her laugh
Bea:"oh you still haven't left?"
Joanne:"don't change the subject B"
Bea:"ok, i was bored so i picked some coins in the fountain"
Joanne:" you know what you just did?" she laughed like a total idiot
Bea:"uhh those are lucky coins?" i rolled my eyes..whats the big deal about picking up coins?
Joanne:"ummm you do know the owner of the cooins will fall in love with you?"
Bea:"baha! funniest joke i've heard all day..look Joanne, i need some sleep ok? i'm tired..jetlag"
Joanne:" you lil sis"
Bea:"love you" we both hanged up at the same time, i went to bed without changing my clothes..brrr it's a bit cold tonight. Goodnight people in the world..sweet dreams, before i knew it it was morning and back to work again! I loked at the clock Oh My Gosh i'm late...i hurried, i wish Mom knows my excuse, i'm pretty sure she's jetlag too..ugh tie in on a bun fixed clothes..i'll just wear this one, no one would care..make up? nah..brush my teeth.......finished, then the phone rang..ugh who could it be now!!!
Bea:"hello?!" i nearly shouted
???:"Bea, no need to shout to me like that.." oh it's mom
Bea:"sorry mom,i'm just hurrying before i'm late"
Lee:"hhhmm" she sighed "stay home today, i'll take care of you've worked enough..i'll give you a time off " she said sounding a bit jetlag
Bea:"mom you sound tired, i'll come"
Lee:"no! if i said no then don't come, i'm fine! ok" then she coughed
Bea:"ok Mom, take care love you"
Lee:"love you too honey" she coughed then hanged up
Ok what time is it now? 7am, great! a good time to jog to the park, I changed to my jogging clothes and took my ipod. I opened the door quietly looking around and closed it quietly
???: "HI BEA!" someone said with gladness on his voice
Bea:"AHHHH!!" turned aroud and saw my neighbour Nick Jonas...yes he is my neighbour ( a/n just pretend he lives in an appartment) "hi Nick? how did you knnow my name?"
Nick:"oh haha..i had a dream about you..and i think you are beautiful, so uhh these are for you" he showed a flower bouquet with roses,lilac and carnations
Bea:"how do did you know my favourite flowers?" ok this is creeping me out
Nick:"again i dreamt about you ;)" my eyes widened
Bea:"umm okay?" i leaned to the door insert the keys to the key hole and got inside fast
Nick:"aren't you even taking you flowers?" he knocked
Bea:"they are beautiful but no thanks" i sat leaning on the door..i thought about this, ok i feel bad for him maybe i should just accept the flowers..they are my favourite anyway, i opened the door and Nick wasn't there anymore but the flower was..i picked it up and there was a note inside, i opened it and it said
"When I look on you a moment,
then I can speak no more,
but my tongue falls silent,
and at once a delicate flame
courses beneath my skin,
and with my eyes I see nothing,
and my ears hum, and a wet sweat
bathes me and a trembling seizes me all over.
Nick "
Awww thats sweet I didn't know he was that sweet, but this is weird though, everytime i walk past him he would ignore me and acts like a total snob, he doesn't even smile back at me. I took the flowers and put them on a vase Lexi got me for my birthday for some weird reason. Now where was i? oh yea time to jog. I ran down the stairs and out the door to the park. I turned on the ipod and started getting fit! I got to the park and kept jogging, there are a lot people here today, dads teaching there child how to ride a bike...thats so cute, i remember Dad teaching me how to ride a bike..we were such a happy family that day, i wish it would come back. I jogged past this painter with a crazy mustache, then soon after he started chasing me.
Painter:"miss wait! i need to see your feet" he it just me or he shouted he wanted to paint my feet....WHAT THE HELL. i looked behind and started running FAST, i ran acrossed the street before the horse carriage get to me, unfortunately the painter guy was blocked by the carriage, instead he jump in the middle of the carriage and the horse making him land on the cement
Bea:"omg, are you okay?" i bent down to him
Painter:"ahh my back" he kept talking and i couldn't tell what he was saying
Bea:"slow down, i can't understand you, excuse my what is he saying?" i said to the carriage driver
Driver:" i don't know, i don't speak idiot"
Painter:"please, let me see you foot, i need to paint it" he grabbed my foot and i stood up
Driver:"hey this is all you" he said while looking at the book,i grabbed it out of his hands and started flicking to the pages
Bea:"who are you?!! how do you know my face?!!"
Painter:"oh i am Logan, you know Logan Lerman..Percy Jakcson ever heard of that movie?" he removed his fake mustache...ok Logan, i can't believe this he is my celebrity crush..and chasing after me! ok but he is weird
"I started dreaming about you, first i see you face then you body then you-"
Bea:"eeeh! stop i get it" i cutted him off
Logan:"now i want to paint your feet, the foot i draw in my book looks like it's been stepped by a cow" he tried to stand up, i helped him
Bea:"so you came here to paint me feet?" i laughed
Logan:"yes and also to earn your love"
Bea:"umm ok..look i have to go" i ran
Logan"okay!! i will paint you in every building wall if thats how i can show my love for you!!" he shouted
OKAY!! i didn't know celebrities can be a total creep, Logan sorry but i have to replace you. I went to McDonalds to get some breakfast and to forget about what happened. I ordered a pancake and coffee. I started eating until someone sat opposite to me on the table beside me, he was wearing a hoodie and sunglasses
???:"slow down tiger" he said
Bea:"umm i'm in a hurry" i raised my eyebrow "what do you want?" he moved to the chair opposite me and removed his hoodie and sunglasses. "Joe Jonas?" seriously why are celebrities after me..this is just a dream!! i need to wake up now
Joe:"yes the one and only" he winked
Bea:"why are you here?"
Joe:"because i was born" he laughed
Bea:"hahaha funny -_-" i laughed sarcastically "seriously"
Joe:"i am here because i love you and i want to spend my day with you"
Bea:"okay, i've had enough" i stood up and so did he and opened his jacket showing his muscles "woah!"
Joe:"and she's back, hello again Bea"
Bea:"could you please put some shirt on" i whisper shout
Joe:"nah, i don't hear any complains"
Person:"put some clothes on weirdo"
Bea:"no can you?"
Joe:"no, you are loving the view"
Bea:"no i am not loving the view, and you are embarrassing me" i stood up again and left
Joe:"seriously can someone call the doctos there are some serious sweling on my body" he said while feeling his abs
Person:"shut up Barney lover"

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