Fountain Of Love (Justin Bieber love story)

my first story :)

Chapter 3

The flight

Bea's POV
the party finally ended and every went home. As i walk up the stairs to open the front door of the appartment, yes I have an appartment and I am 16 i gave up learning because working in my Mom's museum as her assistant is more important to me, this wouldn't have hapen if Dad didn't leave us. I opened the door,then the right heel of my shoe broke
Bea: "huh! can my day get any better" I walked to the elevator limping, and this guy stared at me "what?!"
Guy: get's out of the elevator quickly
Bea: I sighed and waited for the elevator to arrive at my floor "ugh! please hurry up, I just want a rest" the bell rang and I run out to my door "key's key's where are my key's" i searched my bag "ugh!!! fine then i'll use a paper clip" lucky i have a paper clip in my bag, I wonder who put a paper clip in there I dont remember putting one. I picked on the lock and this old lady walked past me looking at me like 'agh! robber'
Bea: "forgot my keys" i smiled innocently, i picked and picked until someone opened my door "ArGH!!!!! Joanne what the hel are you doing in my appartment, how did you get in" i pushed her out of my way and sat on the couch, removing my broken shoe and placed my foot on the table
Joanne: "baby sis don't be angry, i guesed you weren't at home and remember you gave me your extra key" she waved it on the air
Bea: " you should have texted me" i closed my eyes and i felt her sat beside me
Joanne: "sis aren't you tired of working? you don't have time for LOVE" she said love in a romantic way
Bea:" look Joanne you dont understand I am helping mom, since Dad is an Irresponsible, stuck-up, whor-"
Joanne: "eh eh eh, don't blame dad for everything, Mom has wrongs too" she cut what i was saying
Bea: "i guess you are right"
Joanne: "any way!! I AM GETTING MARRIED!!!" i frowned
Bea: "yaaay!" i sarcastically said
Joanne: "B you happy for me?" she made a sad face
Bea: "yes, yes of coures but i dont remember you having a boyfriend?" i looked at her funny
Joanne: "we met at the flight to Italy, 2 weeks ago" she giggled
Bea:"2 weeks ago? that not even enough time for a credit cheque" i was shocked 2 weeks!!!! thats not enough time
Joanne:"i just know he is the one, you know, oyu don't have to get to knowhim that well, you just know"
Bea:"oh okay, I'm happy for you" i hugged her
Joanne:"oh's in 2 days and you can go at the same time as mom"
Bea:"wow! okay i'll just pack" i stood up and get my suitcase, "what's his name?" Joanne entered my room
Joanne:"huh?" she asked
Bea:"what's the name of you're future husband?" I said while throwing my clothes in the suitcase
Joanne:"Scooter Braun" she helped me
Bea:"how old is he like 30?" i joked
Joanne:"close enough" she smiled
Bea:" 32?" i chuckled
Joanne: "28 silly, do you really think i would marry a 32 year old guy?" she smirked
Bea:" hey, hey, everytime i whine about age, you said age doesn't matter" i mocked her
Joanne:"it doesn't, i was just joking, it's not that bad, i'm 22 andhe is 28" she shrugged
Bea:"hahaha, it's like a 12 year old going out with an 18 year old" i laughed
Joanne:" shut up! anyway i bought your dress, i bet you will look gergous
Bea:" thanks" i looked at the clock and it was now 3 am in the morning
Joanne: "ready to leave?" she asked
Bea:"huh? you said tomorrow" ok this is confusing me
Joanne:"yea but it was 10pm when i arrived and now it's 3 am get it?"
Bea:"you should have been more specific" i closed the suitcase
Joanne:"oh you don't have to get change, just uhh wear different shoes" she smiled and walked outside and waited.
We were late and Mom was waiting in the air port, we checked in first class, and finally some sleep in the airplane.....I hope. If Joanne won't stop talking about this Scooter guy then, i wont come...i know harsh ;)
Fortunately Joanne fell asleep, but this stupid plane won't. i got my ipod out and listened to Taylor Swift songs. After a long sleepless journey we arrived at Italy, i can barely see where I was going I wonder if Harold was here?
Bea:"Mom is Harold here too?" i grabbed my suitcase out of that spin thingie
Lee(Mom): "yes, he went here earlier to meet Scooter" she smiled and walked "Honey are you okay?"
Bea:"yea,just tired" i yawned "for so many places to get married why here in Rome? Joanne?"
Joanne:"because it's ROMANtic" she giggled "get it, ROMANtic?"
Bea:"yea" i sarcastically laughed
We got out of the airport and this guy was holding up out name in the air, I guess it was the guy who would take us to the hotel. I pulled out my ipod again, I turned it on but it was Low battery
Bea:"ugh!!" i groaned, this isn't happening, i dont want to listen about this Scooter guy!!! oh well i'll just sleep.

Lee:"Joanne, it's time"she called my sister out of the dressing room, then came in to see us both "aww look at my daughter, getting married" she started sobbing
Joanne: "oh mom, please don't cry, I don't want to cry" she hugged mom
Lee:"okay" she wiped her tears and stood in front of me "and look at you Bea, you look beautiful as ever" she rubbed my cheeks gently
Bea:"thank you mom" Mom sat beside me, and put her head on my shoulder
Collin(Bea's Dad):"ready, sweetie?" and looked at mom
Joanne:"yes Daddy" she smiled
Collin:"been a long time since you call me that" Joanne linked arms with Dad and we all walked to the church waiting outside.
Bea:" uhhh Joanne, what happened to the don't see the bride before the wedding thing?"
Joanne:"B, it's called modern" she laughed then someone grabbed her from behind, i'm guessing it was Scooter "hey Baby" she kissed him
Bea:"can't you wait until the wedding?" i kind of rudely said
Joanne:"oh sorry, Bea this is Scooter, Scooter this is my sister Bea" she introduced
Scooter:"hello Bea, nice to finally meet you, and i guess you are my sister now" he pulled me into a cheek to cheek "mwah mwah"
Bea:"okay?" i laughed sarcastically, the wedding finally started and for some reason Joanne hasn't come in yet. then this guy in my age walked in, rushing to get to the front, until his cellphone went out and fell on the floor with someone calling him
Phone(yes, i gave the phone a part :L): baby,baby, baby oh,baby,baby,baby noo" the boy chased his phone around until he gets it and puts it in his tux's pocket.
Scooter:"Justin you are late, and put on some bow tie man" he whispered, huuuuh! so Justin is his name, I looked over to Justin when i realised it was Justin Bieber, he caught me looking at him, i quickly look at the crowd, well It was just JUSTIN BIEBER, who cares, Joanne walked in and the wedding started.

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