Fountain Of Love (Justin Bieber love story)

my first story :)

Chapter 1

not tonight not to him

We were at Harold's party, my big brother, I was looking for Tara, Collin, and Lexi.
Bea: "ugh! were is my phone" i searched my bag pockets "why does everything have to get lost when i need it" I talked to myself "oh! yea my short pockets" i searched my pockets, Phew! my phone was there "come on, UGH! now where is Tara's number, oh here.....ugh pick it up already" the number dialed
Tara: "hello? Bea? where are you?" she shouted
Bea: " no where are you, i've been looking everywhere for you" i paused "and you don't have to shout, this is not a crazy party"
Tara: "sorry Boss, actually we are in front of you" she mocked the Boss thing
Bea:" haha funny, i am your boss" i waled towards them and sat down, Collin was holding a plate to vegetables, yes i am vegetarian but i eat some meat "oh! is that for me!" i took his plate and ate it
Collin:"so Dean is here" i stopped eating, I nearly choked
Bea:" what is he doing here?" i looked behind me and he was thee with his high school friends "did he forgot this is not a wild party!" i started eating again
Lexi:" he is your Brothers friend what's wrong about having him here" she took one of my cabbage
Bea:"One he is my Ex Two he always wants a kiss Three he is a total creep show" Tara's face frowned "what?"
Tara: "you picked the wrong time to say that"she looked down
Bea:" sh!*, he's right behind me isn't he?" i sighed
Collin: "yup" he said holding his laugh
Dean: "Bea? really? a total creep show?" he said right behind me
Bea:" hi Dean" i turned using my butt then i grinned
Dean: " i just have to say to you that I get it, I know you love studying more than me, and I accept it" I cutted him off
Bea: "wow Dean i can't believe you're saying this" i laughed
Collin: "what did he say?"
Lexi:"I think he said he accepts it" she giggled
Dean: " and what i am saying is, i founf someone else just like you but her less love of study is less than you, i have a girlfriend"
Tara: "did he just say girlfriend?"
Lexi:" Dean and Bea are getting back" she shouted then the whole room clapped
Bea:" wait! wait! no one is getting back. I not to night not to him" I pointed at Dean

Tbc!! justin will be on the next chaper =) hope you enjoyed it !! comment

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