My Life for Someone Else: A Jacob Black Love story

This is the entire story so I'll just start adding chapters for now. I'll just label the first few chapters at which parts they are. That'll be so much easier! Thanks for understanding =) Sorry in advance for any parts I take a long time to make. Thanks for all the support and don't forget to comment, rate and favorite!

Chapter 1

Welcome to LaPush

tick, tick, tick. The clock above the white board was driving you nuts. 30 more seconds and school would be out for the summer, but for the first time you weren't looking forward to it. You were moving to LaPush, Washington, to stay with your dad. Your parents were divorced and your mom thought it would be a "good idea" if you spent a summer with him. You hadn't been to LaPush in years. You didn't really remember LaPush much, except for a few vague faces, but that's about it. ...tick, tick, tick...RIIIIIIIIIIING! The final bell of the year went off and you knew what that meant...YOU were off...on the first flight to Washington. You walked outside the school doors and your mom was waiting for you her car. You had already packed your things into her car the night before because you had to catch your flight right after school. "Excited about going back to LaPush?" your mother asked, but she already knew the answer. "Ecstatic." you said sarcastically. "Oh, it won't be so bad." she said with an annoying smile. "What makes you think that?" "I don't know, I just have a feeling." she smirked. You got to the airport and she helped you unload your things out of the car. She hugged you goodbye and told you to call her every time you could. On the plane you squeezed into one of the uncomfortable coach seats and turned on your iPod. This was going to be a long flight. You touched down (finally) and your dad was waiting for you near the gift shop. You walked over to him and gave him an awkward hug. You could tell that it was awkward for the both of you. "Kiddo, you got so big." he said, trying to make conversation, but desperately failing at it. "Yeah, thanks." you said not really knowing what else to say. You got to your dad's house and it was just as you remember it. Warm, cute and cozy. The day was dreary and it had been drizzling. You walked up to your old room and noticed that it was exactly the way you left it. You had been cooped up in the plane all that time and you didn't want to stay in the house all day too. "Dad, I'm going for a walk around the neighborhood." you yelled after him. "Sure, be back by 10." he said. You grabbed your hoodie and went outside. Even though it was just drizzling, the rain chilled the air dramatically, but you didn't care. You hated this place. Nothing but trees and a dreary gray sky to look forward to for the rest of the summer. You kept on down the road until you began to hear voices. It was coming from the beach. You forgot that there was a beach in LaPush, but it was way too cold to go swimming anyway. Down on the beach you saw a couple guys playing football. They looked like they were around your age. You guessed this was the perfect time to make some friends, at least if you were going to be bored you wouldn't be lonely too. As you got closer and closer, you noticed how cute the boys were, a couple of them were pretty tall too, but one caught your eye. He stopped and began to walk over to you. As he got closer you noticed how beautiful he was. He had long shiny black hair and gorgeous russet skin. He smiled and showed his blindingly white teeth. It left you breathless. "Hey, are you _?" You were speechless, but you managed to get out "Yeah." "Do you remember me?" he asked, but you thought for sure you would've remembered someone as hot as him. "No, sorry I don't." you said. "I'm Jacob, Jacob Black. We used to make sandcastles on the beach together and spend the night at each others houses. It's been so long I didn't think you'd remember..." just then a flood of memories came back to you. You remembered a quirky little boy you spent nearly every second of your warm summer days at the beach with sharing Popsicles and playing hide and go seek with. "JAKEY!!!" you screamed. You ran up and threw your arms around him. "Ha, I missed you too, _" he said. The rest of the boys started coming over to you and Jacob. The guys' faces all became more familiar. You noticed them as Paul, Sam, Jared, Quil, and Embry. Each of them came up and gave you a hug and you all talked about how much they missed you and the good ol' days. Jared had the football in his hand and you playfully snatched it. "Hey." he said laughing. "Ha, bet I could kick all you guys' butts!" you said. "You're on." challenged Paul. You all started running around the beach having a great time when you heard a loud crash of thunder. "I had better get to walking back home so I won't get caught in the storm." you said, you didn't want to get soaked. "I'll drive you, if you want." Jacob offered. You were calm and cool on the outside but you were screaming with excitement on the inside. "Sure, thanks." you said, trying to be cool. You both sorta awkwardly walked to his car. It was a red VW Rabbit. As soon as you both got into the car it began to pour down rain. "Guess we got into the car just in time." he laughed. "Yeah." you said. He had the cutest laugh. "I don't have to be home 'till 10. We could catching up or something." you said. "Well we could go over to my place. My dad's been looking forward to seeing you again." Jacob suggested. You drove up to Jacob's house and it spurred memories that felt like they happened yesterday. You walked inside and Billy was sitting in the living room. "Dad, _'s here." Jacob called. He rolled over to the both of you. You didn't remember him being in a wheelchair. "Wow, what a lovely young lady you've become." He said. "Jacob had been doing nothing but looking forward to you coming all school year." He said, smiling over at Jacob. You looked at Jacob and he was blushing...bad. You felt flattered. Jacob motioned for him to follow you into his room. "Well, this is it." he said. It was a normal boy's room. Sorta messy. It was a little small and his twin bed looked way too small for him. You noticed he had a few car posters. "Sooo, you like cars?" you asked him. "Yeah, I do a little auto mechanics." "Maybe you could teach me something sometime?" "Sure, sure." "Hey, Jake, can I ask you something?" "Yeah, anything." "You're dad, when did he...I mean, how did he get in a..." "Wheelchair?" "Uh, yeah." "A couple years ago, him and my mom got in a car accident." "What about your mo-" Jacob shook his head. "Oh, I'm sorry." You couldn't believe it, she was like a second mom to you. You and Jacob spent the rest of the night talking about everything and nothing. All of a sudden your cell rang. It was your dad. "Where are you? You were supposed to be home half an hour ago?" You had so much fun with Jacob that you lost track of time. "Sorry, I'm over at Jacob's" "Jacob Black?" "Yeah." "Oh, ok, well get home as soon as you can." "Alright." He hung up. "Jake, can you give me a ride home, my dad is freaking out." You said laughing. "Alright." Jacob said. You rode home with Jacob in silence, but it was a good 'enjoying each others company' silence. "Here we are." Jacob announced. "I had a really good time tonight, _." "Yeah, so did I." "Maybe we should catch up sometime, just the two of us." "Yeah, that sounds nice." You looked into his deep set chocolate brown eyes that seemed to grow closer to yours. He leaned in and you could feel his warm breath that made your whole body tingle. He was leaning in to kiss you and you were leaning back. You heard a tap on the passenger window. You looked and saw your dad. Jacob rolled down the window. "Hello Jacob." your dad said. "Hello sir." Jacob replied. "How's Billy?" "Great as ever." "Well thank you for getting my daughter home safe." "No problem." Jacob said. You could cut the tension with a knife. "Goodnight Jacob." you said, kinda pissed that your dad messed up what would have been a perfect evening. Dads right? You went up to your room and plopped on your bed, doing nothing but thinking of Jacob...

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