Waves of love

Okay well this is my first story. Tell me how it is SN: its not finished!

Chapter 1

The ending of a new beginning

It was 12:00am on a Saturday morning, the weather was rainy, and foggy we were following the moving truck to our new home in Huntington Beach, CA. I didn’t want to move I was popular back home I’m going to half to start all over and make new friends, like I said before I DON’T WANT TO but I half to because my dad is getting a new job in Huntington Beach, CA.
We were sitting at a red light, we could barely see out the windows we were looking for a place to crash for the night. The light turned green and my dad started to go we finally reached the speed of about 50 miles an hour, the speed limit was 60 but we were unable to go fast because of the weather and all of a sudden my dad swerves and feeling of the push and the jolt of the car crashed into us; it slammed right into my dad’s side. I could feel my heart start to race the car rolled and rolled over and over again it was like it wasn’t going to stop. All of a sudden it stops I look at my dad I could see glass and blood streaming down his whole body. I then looked at my mom I could see one of her legs was broken and the blood coming down her face only a couple pieces of glass in her face. They just looked like limp dead bodies. I scream “NOOO you guys can’t leave me” I repeat to myself over and over again. I could hear my voice getting softer and softer and my body starts to get weaker and weaker. I crawl out of the upside down jeep; already huffing and puffing. I scream “Help, somebody help!!!!! I need help!” “HELPPP” “HELP” Then I just fall down to the ground my eyes start to flutter close as I start to here someone running and calling 911. The last thing I heard before the blackness came was the ambulance.
I woke up my head was throbbing and it felt like something had ripped through my stomach. I moved my blankets off of me and noticed my stomach was bandaged but you could still see blood stains coming through the bandages. The sight of it was making me sick and the pain was unbearable. I realized we were at a hospital but we were not in a regular room, I noticed a bed next to me that looked like there was somebody under the sheets, I reach over to pull the sheet off and I screamed. “NO DAD you’re not dead, don’t leave me, DON’T LEAVE MEEE!!” I start to ball and scream “MOMM, MOM where are you?!” I hear a weak voice “Honey, I’m right here.” “I’m scared mom, really scared.” “What’s wrong with dad?” Why was that sheet over him like that?” “Is he gonna be o.k.?” “Mom please answer me?” “Why won’t you answer me?” Just then a doctor and nurse came in and shot me with a needle. I’m not sure what was in it but I felt myself getting really sleepy and then I woke up. When I woke up I was in a room with just my mother. I was still a little groggy and very week, I looked over at my mother and she was just staring at me with this sad look on her face. “Mom are you o.k.?” “Why do you look so sad?” “How come dad’s not in this room with us?” “Did they move him to a different room?” I had so many questions and my mom just started to cry. Then she replied “Honey, your dad did not make it.” I screamed at her “YOUR LIEING!” She got up from her bed and sat down on mine and we both cried. I started to shake and cry so bad she had to call for the nurse, again they gave me something to make me sleep. When I woke up my mom was right by my side and she hugged me so tight I thought I was gonna pass out. We both just cried and talked about what happened during our week in the hospital.

2 weeks later:
Let me tell you guys about myself. My name is Abigail Ventura I have curly chestnut colored hair that goes down to the small of my back, big hazel eyes, and I am 5’3. My dad died in a tragic car accident; now it’s only me and my mom. After the incident we moved to Huntington Beach, CA the surfing capitol of USA. I am athletic. In my old town I played softball and volleyball. Now I want to learn to wakeboard and surf, because I am in a new town. I used to always follow the rules and used to be very cautious, but ever since my dads death I tend to do dangerous things.
No response.
Still no response.
“Your trainer is here.”
“ohkayyy see you later mom”
“Bye honey, have fun”
I open the door. My mouth drops. Woahhh baby this guy is gorgeous!! He looks to be about 6’4, messy blonde straight hair that comes just below the brow line and to the nape of his neck, gorgeous sea blue eyes, tanned skin, and a surfer’s body. “Quit gawking at me, and let’s go already”
“jeesh someone’s got the case of the grumpies.”
“No I just don’t want to teach some girl”
“Are you saying girls can’t surf?”
“Girls can’t do anything”
I stop and so does he. I go on my tiptoes and look him straight in the eyes.
“Excuse me!?”
“You heard me”
“Then why the hell are you hear?”
“I heard you were pretty from your mom, and I just wanted to get into your pants”
“How about NO! I’m a virgin and I plan on keeping it that way until I’m married.”
“Whatever you say baby”
“Lets just hurry up I don’t want to be near you. I’m gonna need a name.”
“The names Stevie, sugar” he smirks
“My names not sugar its Abigail.”
“He’s gorgeous” I mumble a little to loudly.
“I’m gorgeous?” he raises his eyebrows while smirking.
“I didn’t say that.”
“Whatever. We’re at the beach.”
The beach looked a lot different then the beaches in north port. The beaches here had waves There were so many surfers surfing in what I believe is a tube wave. But I wouldn’t really know cause this is my first day surfing. The sand felt like sugar on my feet. I I was the only girl I seen so far. I heard Stevie’s voice in my head “girls cant do anything!!” I started second guessing myself the falls looked bad. I heard Stevie and some of the surfers saying “man that wave was gnarly!”
A question look appears on my face “is that a bad thing” I ask a surfer.
“No it means a bunch a different things like rad, awesome, cool, and etc.”
“ohhhh I see.”
“I’m gonna go catch some waves. Nice talking to you.”
“yeah, back at you.”
I turn to Stevie. “So what are we suppose to do?” I put my hands behind my back and start rocking back and forth on my heels and toes.
“Usually on the first lesson I teach people how to stand on the board properly and apply there balance evenly.”
“Ok well why don’t we start”
“I said usually. In this case your not Usually. You’re a girl. Haven’t you gotten that yet?”
“Look just because I’m a girl doesn’t mean You half to take it slower then when you train guys. I can be just as good or maybe even better then you and these other guys here.”
“haha yeah right Abigail. Your funny! Better than us guys? Are you on something?”
“no im not on something!! Look just train me like im your normal average guy.”
“I’ll train how I want and when I want!”
He tells me to set down my board and tells me to lay on my stomach on the board. He explains to me how to paddle and how it’s the most tiring thing to do in surfing. Then he tells me how to stand and apply my balance on the board.
“That’s it for today Abigail.”
“Uhm ok.”
I decide to walk home and drop my surf board off and grab my skim board. I walk back to the beach and I could feel everyone’s eyes watching my every move. I go to the water and start skimming and doing all there tricks with the skim board. All the surfers start to cheer me on and that just motivates me to get more trickier with the tricks.
After about an hour I take a break. I sit down at the edge of the water to where the water comes up to my legs.
I feel someone sit next to me. “hey. You were gnarly out there. Whered you learn to skim like that?”
I look at the guy he’s cute. On a scale from 1 to 10 he’s a 10 in my book. He has brown hair that goes below his brow line beautiful green eyes, I cant really tell how tall he is from sitting but he looks pretty tall to me.
“Thanks.” I smile “I learned back at home.”
“aren’t you the girl that just moved here. Abigail right?”
“yepp that’s me. News travels fast around here doesn’t it?”
“yeah. It’s a pretty small town.”
“I see.” I start shivering all of sudden.
“are you cold?”
“yeah aren’t you. I mean cause your wet and all..”
“No not really.”
“oh I see. So who are you?”
“My names Zackary. Zack for short.”
“nice to meet you Zack. So you surf?”
“yep and wakeboard.”
“Oh that’s cool. Wakeboarding looks so fun!”
“It is. So how old are you?”
“I’m 15 why?”
“I think your pretty and I would like to take you out sometime?”
“awe thank you. Anytime any place.” I smile
“how about tonight?”
“7oclock?” I ask
“sounds good.”
“so I never got how old you are.”
“that’s cool! So do you know who Stevie is?”
“yeah hes one of my close friends."

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