Oh my... WEREWOLF?!?!

name- alison (ali) marie uley
age- 17
story: lives on her own in texas, both parents are dead, hasnt talked to her older brother, sam, since she was 15. (sam was 19, so right when twilight started...) mom died 2 years ago.
hair: black eyes: green tan skin

p.s. this takes place after breaking dawn

Chapter 1

unusual day...

today was any normal day, or so it seemed. i woke up to my annoying alarm clock, only to realize, much to my happiness, it was friday. i hopped into the shower, smiling. when i got ut, i changed into... (see pic.) i didnt think i was that pretty. i was just, average. i got my sun-kissed skin from the Quileute indians. i used to live n La Push, the indian reservation nea forks, but when i was 15, my mom packed me and herself up, and left, leaving my older brother, sam, there, by himself. our father had abandoned us when we were little. i lived alone. my mom was murdered 2 years ago, only a year after we had moved to texas. ut, back to my day. i grabbed my bookbag and locked the apartment door. as soon as i opened the door and stepped outside, i felt the texas heat hit me. i smiled as i saw my boyfriend, matt, leaning up against his truck. i walked over to him, slowly. "hey, baby," he said, kissing my forehead. i smiled. "hey," i said, quietly. he pushed me away a little and put his hand on my cheek. "ali, what's wrong?" he asked, so concerned. i shook my head. "nothing. i just didnt sleep good last night. but let's get going," i said, getting into his truck. he walked around and got in the drivers side, shaking his head. was i ok? honestly, would ou be ok if your mom was murdered and then the next day, you turned into a monster?!?!?! yes, i am a monster. i can turn into a wolf. in that form, i am midnight black with one spot of white, in the shape of a star, on my right cheek. when i turn because of my anger, the spot turns amber. i havnt told anyone about it, not even matt or my best friend, summer. "alison!" matt said, shaking my arm. i turned to look at him. "babe. what's wrong? and dont say nothing is, because i know there is. nd even if u dont want to admit it, just tell me." i shook my head. "its really nothing. its just that i turn 18 in a couple of days, and my mom wont b there. and it just hit me this morning. i dont kow why..." i said, pertending to fix my makeup, whoch i was really wiping my tears. matt didnt know that though. he just hugged me, causing me to practically jump through the roof, out of suprise. he laughed at me, and got out of the truck. i followed, only to be attacked by summer in a hug. i smiled at her. "OMG. i cant believe that we are almost seniors!" i rolled my eyes as matt came up behind us. i grabbed his hand and pulled him towards the school.

after school let out, matt took me home. since he had to work, he didnt stay. but as soon as i knew he left, i changed into shorts and a tshirt and i walked outside. walking behind my apartment building, i saw the woods, my woods. they were nothing like home but as close as i can get to it. as soon as i had walked far enough away that i was alone, i took my clothes off and felt myslef starting to tremble. i opened my eys to see i was on 4 legs. i immediatly took off running, happy as i could be. this was the only way i could get my anger out without hurting anyone but myself. as i was running i smelt a very firmiliar scent. i came face to face with another wolf. "r u a werewolf, also?" i heard in my head. i nodded. "im seth. ur...?" "ali, y?" the wolf infront of me moved his shoulders as if to shrug. "my alpha is looking for his little sister. i came to help. but i needed to get rid of some energy, so i decied to run." i nodded. "where r u from?" the wolf seemed to smile. "la push." i froze. then, this was a pack from where sam lived. "whos ur alpha?" "sam uley. y?" i shrugged, blinking back fear. sam was looking for me?! "now, whose ur alpha?" seth asked me. i put my head down. "no alpha, just me. i moved here a while ago, then changed. why?" he shrugged. i heard my mental clock go off, saying it was time for me to go. "well, i have to head back. nice to meet u, seth.good luck with everything." i took off running full speed. i reached where i put my clothes. i looked around to make sure nobody was around, and changed back and got dressed. i put my ipod in so it would look like i had just finished running. i walked back to my apartment. as soon as i walked into the parking lot, i saw matts truck. i smiled and ran over to it. he was just getting out. "hey baby," he said, hugging me. i pulled away. "babe. what was that about?" he asked, trying to hug me again. "i just got done running. and u want to hug me?" i asked, staying one step a head of him. i felt him hold onto my hand, causing me to stop short and move back. he put his hand on my cheek and kissed me. i heard somebody walk by, but i was to busy to see who it was. i pulled away and ran to the door. "alison marie uley!" matt called after me, trying not to grin. i smirked and tried to open he door, when i heard a deep voice call out my name. i turned around, suprised at the voice. it wasnt matts. when i saw the person, i knew who it was. matt came and wrapped his arm around me protectivly. "alisn?" the guy asked again. "hi, sam," i said, not beating around the bush. "well, i guess u changed," sam said, walking closer. i shrugged."3 years will do that to you." when sam stopped moving, he was about a foot or 2 away from me. i felt matt pull me closer to him. i had forgotten he was there. "oh. matt, this is my brother sam. sam, this is my boyfriend, matt." they looked at each other. this was going to end badly. "well, sam. i hte to cut this reunion short, but we have to go. we have plan. bye." i pulled matt inside and ran up to my apartment. my hand was shaking a little, but not enough tht matt noticed. i finally got the door open. i went in and flopped down onto my bed, face first. matt sat down next to me. "babe. why didnt you tell me you had a brother?" i looked up. "i havnt talked to him in ovr 2 years. when my mom died, i called him, but he never called me back. nothing. so i pertended he didnt exist anymore. it was eaiser than dealing with the hurt of everything." matt nodded and started to rub my back. i sank down into the bed a little further, not wanting to face anything right now. "but you know, we dont have any plans, right?" i nodded, still not moving. "i think i should get going, babe." i let out a groan in protest. "fine, ill call my mom to see if i can stay." i smiled as he got up. i walked out into the living room, just as the doorbell rang. i stood up and answered the door, to tired for this. "yes?" I asked. "alison, we need to talk." sam. ugh... "sam, cant this wait until tomorrow? i'm going to fall over like, right now," i said, hopeful. he shook his head no. i sighed as i opened the door wider for him. i looked at the clock in the kitchen. it was already 10:30pm. i must of been running a lot longer than i thought. "what do we need to talk about?" i asked, leaning against the couch. "why u and mom just up and left." i bit back tears. i shook my head, trying to get the tears to stop coming. sam didnt notice. from the corner of my eye, i saw matt talking to his parents still. "shouldnt he be leaving?" sam asked, pointing to matt. i shook my head no. "he's staying over." sam started to shake violently. i knew what was going to happen if he didnt calm down. i played it off though. "and mom allows this?!?!" He yelled. that pushed me ovr the edge. "get the h3lL out of my house, sam uley. NOW!" i shoved him out the door. as soon as i slammed the door, i ran into my room and into the bathroom, locking the door. i slid down the wall, trying to sto the tears.
alison pushed me out of the apartment, and slammed the door. i heard her running and another door slam. i knocked on the soor, trying to get her to open it again. i knew she wouldnt, but i hoped she changed. the door flew open, and matt stood in the doorway. "what did u sat to her?" he demanded. i took a step back, so i wouldnt change into a wolf right there. "nothing. we were arguing about u spending the night, and i asked if mom allowed this, and she took off." matt looked like he was going tp punch me. "i cant believe u brought her mom up into this!" he yelled, now shaking with rage. "why wouldnt i bring mom up in this? she is letting u spend te night with alison, who is only 17!" i yelled back. matt kept looking towards a closed door, where i assumed alison was hiding. "well, she may be upset considering her mom was MURDERED!" with that, he slammed the door shut. i turned arund and walked down to the car. seth and jake were sitting in it, waiting for me. i got in and starte driving to te hotel. nothing was said, i was still in shock. when i walked into the hotel, i gave seth the keys and i went outside, to the woods. i started shaking with anger, and exploded into my wolf form. i started running. i finally just ran into a tree and layed dow next to it. within 10 minutes, i saw jake and seth come trotting over to me. j-"man, whats going on? was that not alison or something?" s-"no, it way her." jake looked at seth confused. j-"then y r u so upset?" s-"mayb its that i just found out my mother was murdered 2 years ago!" i snapped finally. seth put some clothes down at my feet and left with jacob. i knew i was to upset to go back.

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