Meeting Justin Bieber

Meeting Justin Bieber

I was bored and I thought this would be fun!!! Remember, it's all fake. None of this happened!!!!

Chapter 1

The Start

Yesterday my dad came home from work and told me he won four Justin Bieber tickets and VIP backstage passes from the radio. It took me 5 mins to stop screaming!!! He told me to call two of my friends to invite them. I totally called Lucy and Hanna on the spot! Then we screamed some more!!!!!!!!!! I was totally excited to meet my idol, Justin Bieber. The concert will be so much fun!!! It's tonight, and right now Lucy and Hanna are over, trying on all the Justin Bieber shirts we own. Lucy decided on a tanktop that says Justin Bieber a bunch of times in cool font, with mini shorts and purple sneakers. Hanna is wearing a totally cute JB tee and skinny jeans with flats. They're doing their makeup. What should I wear????

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