I woke up with a bite on my neck, and now im his slave[chapter8]

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Chapter 1

Daddy, this is my boyfriend, please be nice. He's important to me

Keiths POV
"Ok now heres some of the rules, be nice, dont try to upstage him, and he a gentle man," Logan said fixing my shirt.
I grabbed her hands and smiled at her kissing them, "you act like I've never done this before." She pulled back her hands, but it was too late, I saw the slight blush to her cheeks. Maybe I can win her over, I thought looking at her, but quickly shook that from my head. Its a bullshit and pussy thing to say, thats not me. She opened the door, and I laced my fingers in between hers. She wasnt going to forget I was her boyfriend for tonight.
"Daddy Im home!" She yelled, clearly putting on an act for her dad.
I was glad she decided to wear some of the clothes I picked out; sadly it was the least revealing outfit she could find. She still looked hot, but not what I wanted to be seeing her in.
"Hey Logy," A man said hugging her. He seriously appeared from thin air.
"So whos this?" Her dad asking shrugging over to me.
"Daddy, this is my boyfriend, please be nice. He's important to me," I knew she was acting, but I still felt the color rise to my cheeks, meaning they were clearly pink.
Her dad actually loosed up and smiled at me, "nice to meet you," he said putting out his hand; I grabbed his hand, with the same firmness his dad was using. He clearly wanted to show he was the man, to bad I could snap him in half.
"Well, Im going to go start dinner," Logan said leaving me with her dad.
"Would you like help?" I asked only to seem like a gentleman, besides I knew she couldnt cook for shit.
"Oh no I got it," she said smiling and walking towards the kitchen.
"Well the games on, lets go watch that and let the girl do a womans job," her dad said patting my back, and leading me towards the living room.

Right now I knew her dad wanted to have the 'talk' which I actually dreaded. Right now I wish I had my sisters mind reading so I could just tell him every little thing he wanted to hear.
"So your dating my daughter?" He said just as the commercials come on, gotta give him props for his commitment to the game. "Yes sir," I said nodding my head. I leaned back in the chair, trying to relax. "Look, do we need to have the 'talk' about everything?" he said clearly implying sex. I shook my head, trying not to laugh, "I had that talk with my dad a while ago, besides im against sex before marriage. My parents drilled that in my head," I said lying only slightly. Yes, they did drill it, no, I do not agree.
He smiled clearly pleased, then just continued to ask random questions. Like where I go to school, how old I am, what sports I play, all of which I had to lie about. I stopped school forever ago, its a lame tradition, and completely pointless.
"Dinner is done," Logan said peeking her head into the living room.
I sat down, and looked at the food on the table. I probably would have liked the food if Logan herself, didnt make me so hungry. I could barely eat. But I didnt want to look like I didnt like it, so I scarfed down the chicken, potatoes, and corn, with weird glares from Logan. Her dad made light conversation, but I needed to get out of here. Logans smell was all over this house, and by now, was beginning to affect me.
"Sweetie you look ill," Logan said placing her hand on my permanently cold forehead, she rested her lips on my forehead, and then stood up pushing in her cheek. She grabbed some pills from the cupboard, and grabbed my hand.
"Daddy, Im going to take him upstairs for a little while to lie down, he feels warm. You should probably get going if you’re going to make the plane," she said rubbing my hand. It was an affectionate gesture, confusing me as to why she was doing it. Her dad nodded, and kissed her cheek.
"Dont hurt my baby," her dad said to me just before walking out of the house.
"Im going to go upstairs and grab somethings I need for your house," she said dropping my hand.
"You and your dad have an awkward relationship," I stated, following her up the stairs. She stopped dead in her tracks, and I saw a tear slip quickly down her cheek, "and you truly look like shit," she said continuing to walk up the stairs at a painfully slow pace. I picked her up, and ran up the stairs dropping her on what appeared to be her room.
"Thanks she said standing up and walking into the bathroom. She came out with a bag, and a new hairstyle. It was now pulled back, showing off her beautiful neck. I walked closer to her, and pinned her up against the wall. "Im really hungry," I said running my hand up and down her body. She only groaned and pushed me away.
"Dont touch me," she hissed, hitting my chest. It didnt hurt me, but I understood the gesture. I rolled my eyes and picked up her bags. "Meet me in the car, prude," I whispered the last part, and was down to my car in a minute.

Logans POV

Sure hes cute, but what happens if I give in? He drops me just like his ex girlfriend. No, that cant happen, besides I have better guys coming after me. Guys that are worth my time, and cant kill me with a flick of their wrist.
"So are you okay?" he asked, messing up his hair. "Why wouldnt I be?" I asked rolling my eyes. He helped me out of the car, and picked me up, carrying me into the house.
"Put me down," I groaned wiggling. "No, you have to talk this way, and dont give me attitude, I saw you cry about your dad," he said, putting me down at my door. "I dont see him often," I said twisting my door handle. He nodded, stepping away from me.

Before I walked into my room he stopped me, "do you wanna do something tonight?" I waited to turn around to answer him until the blush went away. "Yeah," I said acting casual and walking into my room. I collapsed on my room, and thought of Keith, before he appeared in my room again.
"I was thinking of you too," he said.....


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