Old Flame, New Spark. Part six.

I love that they've made the new things so you can make a story now, but you can't send invitations. =( so be sure to check back about once a week for a new one. I'm sorry it took so long but they are trying to KILL us with school work. Hope you enjoy the story! ^_^

Chapter 1

Second thoughts

[The next day]
You knew Tyler really cared and that he wanted you back, but he wouldn't admit it to himself or anyone else. You respected that he was trying to look out for his family's best interests, but sometimes you have to look out for yourself first. You wanted to get him to realize that Jamie wasn't the one for him, but you were starting to feel like you were acting desperate. You didn't want to look like some crazed ex, but you knew what you had to do. You didn't know how, but you would have to show Tyler what he needed, and it wasn't Jamie.
Jamie hadn't come back the night before but you didn't give a crap where she was. You just went ahead to class. You couldn't pay attention the whole time, thinking of a way to get him back, but after a while, you realized that he wasn't truly yours anymore. Maybe you should quit, maybe you should get Shaun back and just go ahead and marry him. It was an option, and spending the rest of your life with him would be nowhere close to miserable. But what if you changed your mind again. You broke up with him the first time, and it would darn near kill you if you had to do it again. But you didn't have very many more options. And you didn't want to mess up the only friend you had here, Jamie. It was a hard call. You got out of class and saw Tyler's roommate, Carter at the front of the school standing next to a tree. You were going to go over to say hi, but you saw a girl walk over to him (who was definitely not the girl he was with last night) so you didn't wanna bother him. She had dark hair, but you couldn't quite see who she was, but whoever she is, she was sure putting her tongue down his throat. You tried to call Jamie, but she didn't answer her cell so you just decided to go to lunch alone. You went to the same diner you and Tyler went to the night before, trying to decide what to do. You sat down with your burger and someone put their hands over your eyes. "Guess who?" a familiar girl's voice said. "Allysa?" you guessed. She took her hands off your eyes and sat in front of you. "You're right." "Hey! What are you doing here?" you asked her. "What? No 'I missed you' or 'how have you been doing'? Just a 'what are you doing here'?" she teased. "Haha, ok, what have you been up to? We havn't talked in forever!" "I transferred schools, so I go here now." "Great, 'cause I need a friend right about now." "Well, doesn't Tyler go here? And you have NO new friends? Why? Is your roommate just plain horrible, because I would think you guys would be friends or something?" "Yeah, she's nice I guess. Wait, how did you know Tyler went here?" "He called me? He's been my friend just as long as he's been yours." "When did you find out?" "The day he got his acceptance letter, what's with all the questions?" "I didn't find out 'till my first day here at registration." She had a confused look on her face. "Maybe he forgot to tell you? Or maybe he wanted it to be a surprise that you were going to the same school." "No, he looked just as surprised to see me as I was to see him. And besides, things like getting into a major college doesn't just slip your mind." "Well then I don't know what was up with that." "How often did he call you anyway?" "About once a week, but we texted each other maybe every other day. How often did he call you?" "A lot, at first. Then less and less, and then not at all." "Well he told me you got engaged." she said trying to change the subject. "Uh, yeah, sorta." "You can't 'sorta' be engaged. That's like being 'sorta pregnant'." "Well I kinda broke off the engagement." "What? Why? Shaun is amazing! He's smart, rich, nice, rich, hot, rich, fun, ri-" "Ok I get it. But marring someone's money won't make you happy." "That's only because you don't know where to shop, me on the other hand, hey I'd take that and run with it!" She winked. You laughed. "Well it's over now. Tyler's engaged too." "Yeah, he told me." "What else has he told you?" "Well..." "ALLYSA!!!" "Ok, ok. Well he's talked about...you." "What about me?" "He said you were being a real 'b-word' toward Jamie." "What?!?!" "Yeah, and he said he's tired of dealing with your drama cause we're not in high school anymore and your childish jealousy isn't flattering on you. He said you were being juvenile." "JUVENILE!? If ANYONE is being juvenile it's HIM!" "Dang, calm down." "How? Well everything he's told you is really one sided. By the way, his fiance's my roommate." "Oooh, awkward." "You're tellin' me." "What's you side of the story then if everything is one sided." "Well for starters, he won't listen to me. I want to get back together, and I'm tying to keep the peace but he's being selfish! I mean, I made all these sacrifices for him, but he won't make just one for me." "So you're saying that you want him to drop his family, friends, potential wife, and everything he and his family have worked hard for just so YOU can be happy? Sounds like you're the one being selfish." "You're looking at it wrong." "No, you are. You want him to drop everything for something the both of you USED to have? You're still stuck in the past, he's moved on, everyone has, but not you. He's got his own life now and you're just mad because you're not at the center of it anymore. You can't just tell him what to do, it's not your decision and it's not your call to make. He's not your boyfriend anymore so you just have to get over it. This isn't high school, this is real life and the sooner you realize, the better." "So you're taking his side? I thought you were my friend." "And I thought you were Tyler's." "But he said he still loved me." "He probably does, but smothering him won't make him come back." She looked at her watch. "Hey, I gotta go, my next class starts in a bit so I'll talk to you later." "Yeah, ok, I had better get going too." You walked back to your next class and thought about what she said, and she was right. You didn't want to admit it, but she was. You knew you had to make things right with Tyler and have some closure. You didn't want to, but it was the only way to save your friendship. Guess you're marring Shaun.


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