The Power Of Friendship READ INTRO

The Power Of Friendship READ INTRO

It's going to be written in ADISSON'S POV!

Chapter 1

I'm Not Going To Hurt You

(Adisson's POV)

Monday Night~

I walked inside my house after walking home from the hangout. I could smell the alcohol and see the smoke and I immediately wished I hadn't slammed the door. "Maddison!" My dad yelled. I walked slowly and cautiously to the living room and I saw my dad had friends over.
"Uh...Addison...and yes Dad?" I asked and one of his friends stood up.
"Eddie wants to play with you." My dad slurred.
Eddie stepped forward and I turned and ran to my bedroom. I heard footsteps behind me and I slammed my door shut and locked it. Eddie's fists connected with the door and I ran to my window. I heard something in the lock and I tried pulling myself through the small opening in the window; my dad had nailed nails as window stops so that I can't open it wide enough.
I managed to get my torso out when the door opened. I screamed when I felt his hand on my leg and I pushed. Eddie pulled me in and I kicked and screamed. I managed to kick him upside the head and he stumbled back. I ran to the window and managed to squeeze through before he got me.
I rolled off of the roof and landed on my back in my neighbor's back yard. I gasped and caught my breath. "Uh...there's a gate." I slowly say up and saw Chris swim over to the edge of the pool I was next to. I was taking deep breaths and I moved back so he couldn't reach me.
Chris is the rebel of the school and he caught it on fire a couple times...the only problem is that I'm the only one who saw him do it. "Maddy!" I heard my dad yell and Chris tilted his head to the side. "I thought your name was Addison."
"It is," I mumbled and rubbed my back. I had landed on the cement sidewalk around Chris's inground pool and I had scraped it. I felt wet on my back. "C...can I use your phone?" I asked.
Chris got out and I saw his six pack. He dried off and sat next to me. I stood up and he stood up too. "What is this mirror?" I asked. "Hey! Be nice biitch or you don't get to use my phone!" He lifted his hand and I ducked beause I thought he was going to smack me. Instead he pushed me back and I fell backwards into the deep pool.
1 Problem: I can't swim.
My back was burning from the chlorine and I tried to suck in air while I was underwater; it didn't work. As I slowly sank to the bottom, I felt my eyes swell with tears and I reached towards the surface while gasping. My sight slowly went black and then through the numbness I felt an arm around my waist. I went limp.

Waking Up~

I coughed up water and took a deep breath of oxygen. My back immediately started burning. Chris grabbed my arm and pulled me up. "Leave," he said and pointed to the gate. I looked and I could hear my dad and his friends laughing. "Leave," Chris repeated with more authority. I winced at the glare from his eyes and nodded.
"Can I..."
"No, leave!" He yelled and a tear slipped out of my eye.
"Please, just one phone call."
"No! I said leave biitch!" He grabbed my arm and pulled me over to the gate. "Leave, and I won't call the cops for trespassing."
I pulled away and stepped back. "Please..." My voice cracked.
"Get your asss out of my backyard." He growled. I nodded. He said out of his backyard. I took off toward the house. "Hey!" He yelled and I heard him running after me. I slammed the patio door shut and ran to the phone. I quickly dialed Olivia's number.
"Livy! Can you pick me up at the hangout plea..." The line went dead. I felt Chris grab my arm and then one of his house mates came by.
"Oh, you brought home another slutt." He said. My eyes widened and I shook my head. "Yah, I'm taking this one," Chris said and twisted my arm behind my back and pushed me towards the stairs.
He pushed me up the stairs and into a bedroom and then shoved me onto the bed. From experience with my dad, I knew what was going to happen next. Chris smiled evily at me. "Chris, I'm sorry." I whispered and scooted so my back was up against the headboard. I pulled my knees to my chest as he turned on his stereo and went into the bathroom.
He came back out in pajama pants. Tears were flowing freely and my body shook with almost silent sobs. My back still hurt and I knew it was still bleeding. Chris turned up the stereo and shut the curtains. "P...ple...ease...don't" I managed to say when he got on the bed. He started laughing and I put my face on my knees and cried.
I felt his hand on my leg and I looked up and he was laughing so hard he was crying. "I'm not going to hurt you!" He finally said through laughs.
"What?" I asked and he caught a breath of air.
"I'm not going to hurt you." He said and I wiped my eyes.
"I just did this to scare you. I'm not going to hurt you. I didn't think you'd take it so seriously." He started laughing again and I stood up. "You asss." I mumbled and walked out. I ran down the stairs and outside. I started walking the long mile to Burt's IceCream Parlor. Halfway down the street a car pulled up next to me.
"Get in," Chris said; he still had a smile on his face. "Nuh uh," I said and kept walking. "Addison, get in, or I'll get your dad." He said and I stopped.
Chris has known about the problems with my dad for a while and he knew when to use it against me. I sniffled and got in. "BICP?" He asked and I nodded.
While driving, he pointed out, "You're still bleeding."
I nodded, "I know." I whispered and the rest of the ride was silent until he said, "I still hate you." I nodded.
"I know."
We got to BICP and I saw Olivia's car in the parkinglot. I smacked Chris in the back of the head, got out, and he drove away. I wiped at my cheeks as I walked to Olivia's car. Oliver and Olivia both got out and I got a painful hug from both of them. "Why are you bleeding?" Oliver asked.
"I fell while sitting on my roof." I said.
"Geezus," Olivia said and shook her head, "Ok, enough chit chat, let's get you to our house and get you into something dry, warm, and preferably blood free." Oliver said and we got in the car.

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