The Daughter of Sephiroth(A Final Fantasy VII Fan Fic)

The Daughter of Sephiroth(A Final Fantasy VII Fan Fic)

Elstan Shadow is traininf dor SOLDIER. She is a Second Class and the only woman to take on the Mako cells due to her blood line. Can she find her true love and get on her father's good side who knows?...

Chapter 1

Why am I like this?

A knock came at my door. Groaning I turned over and pulled the covers over my head. The curtians opened and bright sunlight flooded my room, almost blinding me. "Come on Elstan get up we have a meeting with Lazard." came my father's voice. He pulled the covers off me. His long silver hair shaped around his face. His green cat like eyes looking down at me. "Urgh OK. I'm getting up." I moaned.
"Good. Make it quick, child. If we loose time the enemy slips further away." he said. I nodded and clicked my fingers and my clothes changed from my night dress to my Second Class uniform. I'm a Witch. My Coven and I are realted to a Shadow Dragon. I'm the only one who can transform into a Dragon. Sephiroth opened the door and I walked out.

Director Lazard looked stern when we entered the Briefing Room. I sat down feeling nervous. It was like my father had picked up on my feeling, as he put a hand on my shoulder and smiled comfortingly at me. Lazard sighed. "Well. i have never seen such choas." he said. I was confused.
"What do you mean, Director?" I asked. Lazard looked at me and put some pictures up on the projector. Scenes of Icicle Village. My birth place. It had been torn to shreds. Tears flooded into my eyes. "No. NO! THIS CANNOT BE!" I screamed. I stood up so fast that I felt dizzy. The chair clattered to the ground. "Elstan my child calm yourself." Sephiroth said, calmly.
"How can I calm down when my mother might be dead?" I yelled. Sephiroth sighed. "There might be hope." he said.
"Hope is for the weak." I muttered. "Mother taught me that." I added. Lazard sighed again. "If you have quite finished Miss Shadow, you have to go. Wutai troops are there. Plus it will be the only way you can see if your family is OK." he explained. His words were true. It WAS the only way. I let out a sigh myself. "Ok lets go." I said to my father.

When we got to the helicopter, two Turks were waiting for us. One guy looked a bit scruffy with his shirt hanging out and his tie not done up to his collar. He jad spiked red hair with a waist long ponytail and goggles and two red tattoos coming from his eyes.. The other Turk was black, a skin head and looked smarter than his collegue and wore sunglasses. The spiked haired man spoke first. "My name's Reno and this is my collegue, Rude." he said. I nodded. "I'm SOLDIER Second Class Elstan Shadow. Well you know my father." I said and climbed onto the helicopter. I made sure my sword was strapped to my back as I sat down. I was dreading the outcome but I so desprately wanted to avenge my family. the helicopter took off and we headed towards Icicle village.

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