A Girl's Bestfriend

A Girl's Bestfriend

Here it is!!!
The picture is Teddy!

Chapter 3

I Didn't Mean To Hurt Her

Still Vladimir's POV~

I ran and finally heard a scream from the forest. I pushed myself to go faster and finally I came to a group of three guys hitting someone on the ground. I walked over and being about a foot taller than all of them, they all stood up when I walked over. I shoved all of them away. "Leave you asshol-ess." I growled and they all left. Celeste slowly curled up in a ball and was shaking and crying.
"Shut up," she whispered and when I tried to put a hand on her, she shyed away. Oh God, she thinks I'm going to hurt her. In my eyes she looked like and injured puppy except human form. She was hurt, scared, and shaking. I sat next to her, and took off my jacket.
"Here," I whispered and laid it over her torso.
"I don't want your sympathy," she whispered shakily.
We sat in silence until she started to calm down. "What hurts?" I asked.
"Everything," she whispered.
"That doesn't help me." I said.
"My ribs," Celeste finally said and I lifted my jacket off of her and started to roll up her tank top. "Hey, stop!" She tried to yell but gasped. I put my hands gently on her right ribs and she gasped and tried to push my hands away. She was weak and gave up quickly. "Don't be like Ben," she finally whispered and that hit me like a bullet in the heart.
I have known what Ben's been doing to her ever since she was adopted. Just process of illimination. She's usually timid around any male, she screams in the middle of the night for him to stop, she flinches away whenever anyone raises a hand near her she kind of shies away, it's obvious he rap--es her.
I looked up at her face and her eyes were shut. I leaned over her and she slowly opened her eyes. "Leave me alone," she whispered.
"Why would you compare me to him?" I asked and she closed her eyes and let out a slow, shaky breath.
"Every guy does that don't they?" She opened her eyes and a tear slipped out of the corner. "I want to go home."
She started crying and I heard an annoying, all to familiar, biitchy voice a few feet away. "She can walk, c'mon babe, let's leave this biitch to fend for herself." I stood up and Celeste whimpered. "Awww, poor baby," Stephanie said and kicked Celeste's right ribcage.
Celeste had no energy to scream but she bit her lip and let out a small whimper. "That's." kick. "What," kick. "You," yet another kick. "Get!" She went to kick her again but I stood in her way.
"Enough!" I yelled.
Stephanie glared at Celeste and finally said. "At least I don't fvck my dad because I'm to pathetic to get a real guy. C'mon babe." Stephanie said and tried to grab my hand but I pulled it out of her reach.
"Leave," I said and pushed her until she was a yard away from Celeste.
"What's wrong ba..."
"We're over." I said, turned, and went back to Celeste.
She was still on the ground but had somehow managed to pull herself with her back on a rock. "Hey," I said gently and put my hand on her knee. "I'm going to take you to a hospital, and then I'm going to take you back home, ok?"
Celeste let out a breath as a response and I gently picked her up.
She was as light as a feather. She was shaking...probably from fear of if I was going to hurt her and pain. She whimpered occasionally but tried not to.
I drove her to the hospital and they took her in immediately, for some strange reason, I wanted her to be ok.

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