Be My Sanctuary [3]

Here it is!!!
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Chapter 1

It Scares Me

Beauty at its best. I set my camera aside and laid back. I don't fit in with the beauty of everything else; like the ugly duckling. Soon I had fallen asleep.

Waking Up~

"Lucy?!" I slowly sat up and remembered I was outside. "Lucy!" I heard Ben yelling from inside and I looked up at the sky, it was probably around three in the morning. It must have rained because I was soaking wet including everything else. The wind had picked up considerably so I was shivering like crazy.
I heard the back screen door slam shut and I turned in time to see Ben jump over the railing and run over to me. "What happened?" He asked, dropped to his knees, and wrapped a heavy blanket around me.
"I... my camera!" I remembered and grabbed for my camera, but Ben got to it first and took the film out. "Is it ok?" I asked and leaned so my side was right next to his.
"Yah, we can go get it developed if you want." Ben said and handed me the roll of film. I looked up at him and he read my eyes. "I called like...a lot, but when you wouldn't answer, I felt like checking up on you."
"At...three in...the morning?" I asked and he nodded.
We sat in silence until he broke it. "I should get you inside." He gripped both of my arms gently and helped me up. We walked inside and he made two cups of hot chocolate. The doorbell rang and I jumped. I started to get up but Ben pushed me back down. "Stay, drink, I'll get it." He walked to the door and when he opened it, I heard a voice that terrifies me.

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