Under Age & Out Of Control (17)

Chapter 1

Unanswered Questions

"Miss Dupree, its seems that your not pregnant." The doctor said. Me and Damion let out a sigh of relief. "But what caused the morning sickness? And we didn't, um, use... anything. How did I ''not'' get pregnant?" I asked. "What you thought was morning sickness was nothing more than the alcohol you drank and something you ate that day. How you didn't get pregnant I don't know. Maybe it was a miracle, though I'm not saying having kids aren't a miracle. But everything is fine. You can leave now." He said politely. "Ok. Thank you so much." I said and we walked out.
We got out to the car. I looked at Damion and he looked at me. I placed my hands on the sides of his face and pulled him in to kiss me.
~That Night~
I laid in bed thinking about it. If I didn't get pregnant this time, does that mean I'll ever be able to have kids? Or was it like the doctor said and just a miracle or would I have to adopt kids? Was this the beginning to the end of my ever possible motherhood? Would I have to adopt kids and say their mine, not by blood but by law? I had so many questions I wanted answered. But that thinking was over when I heard rocks hitting my window. I got up and looked. It was Damion standing on the ground motioning for me to come out. I placed my index finger over my lips motioning him to be quiet as I climbed out the window. We were officially dating now. Despite the scare we had we said we wanted to be together. It took a false pregnancy to bring us together but we were together.
We sat on the sidewalk a few feet from my house. "What do you think it would have been like if you were pregnant?" Damion asked. I thought for a second. "I'm not sure, Damion. If we would have tried and guessed, it probably would have been totally different." I said. I didn't want anyone to know but in a way, now I kind of wished I ''was'' pregnant. In a way though. "You know, after I thought about it, I would have kinda liked to be a dad. But it probably wouldn't be good for you in more ways than one." He said. "Yeah. In a way, now that I think about it, I kind do wish I was but we would have probably regretted it somewhere along the way. Besides, we're still young. We have our whole lives ahead of us. Let's wait a few years and see where life takes us first." I explained. "Yeah. Your right. We need to enjoy being young." He said. "Not you, too!" I whined. "What?" He asked. "My parents say that all the time!" I said. "Oh. Sorry about that. Ok, we'll go by the rule live in the moment then." He replied. "That works better." I said. He half smiled at me. I couldn't help but smile back. I rested my head on his shoulder. "Do me a favor." I said. "What's that?" He asked. "Never. I mean never take your piercings and eyeliner off. Stay just the way you are. I like it like that." I said. He laughed. "Ok. I won't look normal again." He said. "Thank you." I replied and cuddled closer to him. It felt like we had been dating for at least two years. It was so comfortable here with him but one thing haunted me... I had cheated on Brian. That bothered me more than anything.
~The Next Day~
I came in from school. I saw a car sitting in the driveway. A silver mini-van. It made me wonder who it might be. I walked in the house and walked in the living room peeking around the corner. Brenda, our family friend, was sitting on the couch with her 2 year old son Jamie. "Brenda. What are you doing here?" I asked. She looked at my mother then back at me and smiled. "I got a new job today. I can't take Jamie with me and I was wondering if you would keep him." She said. "Really? Sure! But when did you guys move back?" I asked. "Just a couple of days ago." She answered. "Where's Hayley at? I haven't seen her since Jamie was about 3 weeks old!" I said. "She's at the new house still unpacking.'' She said. ''Dang. I'd liked to have seen her but sure, I'll keep Jamie for ya.'' I said. No one knew about the pregnancy scare but me, Damion and Monica. And we was keeping it that way. "Thank you, Bri. It means a lot. I'll be working from 9 to 7 during the week and I'm on call on the weekends. I'll pay you every Friday. Which reminds me, how much will you charge?" She asked. "It don't really matter to me." I said. "It don't really matter to me either. How much?" She asked. "Uh 2 dollars an hour. Crap, I don't know." I said. "That sounds fine. Your mom will have him for a short while until you get home then you'll have him a short while until I get home." She smirked at how this was working out. "Ok. I guess I'll see you tomorrow." I said pinching Jamie's cheeks softly. He laughed.
Brenda had got called into work early today so I was keeping Jamie again. And since my mother was cleaning everything in the house, I decided to take Jamie to the park since it was cool.
He had grown quite fond of me and I could barely put him down. If I put him down he was holding my hand. So I was walking threw the park with a 2 year old toddler on my hip. I was hoping no one would think he was mine because I didn't want any rumors going around. I looked up in time to see Damion come running. He caught up to us. "Wow. You hatched quick. I thought that was a false alarm?" He joked. "Haha. Real funny. You knew I was keeping Jamie." I replied. He laughed then kissed me. Jamie started hitting Damion on the shoulder. "Hey, wait a minute. She's my girl too." Damion joked looking at Jamie. "No! She my Bea." Jamie said. He couldn't say Bri so he called me Bea. "You can't share her with me?" Damion asked Jamie teasing him. Jamie wrapped his arms around my neck. "No!" He exclaimed. "Can I at least hold her hand?" Damion asked sweetly. Jamie looked at him threw my hair. "I'll take that as a yes." I laughed. Damion held his hand out and I took it. "Down! Down!" Jamie said bouncing in my arms. "Ok." I said placing him gently on the ground. He grabbed my left(which Damion was holding) and pulled mine and Damion's hands apart. He slapped Damion's hand away. "What'd I do?" Damion asked Jamie. Jamie gave him a look that if looks did kill, Damion would have fell over there. Damion held his hand down for Jamie to take his hand. Jamie looked at me then back at Damion. Damion got down on his knees at Jamie's level. "Give me your hand." Damion said softly. Jamie took his hand. "Hi. I'm Damion. What's your name?" Damion asked. Jamie pulled his hand away and wrapped his arms and legs around my leg. "Ok. I take that as he doesn't like me." Damion said standing up. We stood there for a second. He bent over and started tickling Jamie to make him let go of my leg. He picked Jamie up and held him up in the air as far as his arms would go. "Gotcha now!" Damion laughed. Jamie giggled loudly. "Rawr!" Damion said with Jamie held close so he wouldn't fall. Jamie giggled even more. I laughed at them being silly. Damion went to put Jamie down and he wouldn't let go. "Look! I found something that just won't let go!" He laughed shaking his arms with Jamie still in them. I laughed.
After Damion got Jamie off of his arms we went walking threw the park. Jamie was in the middle and had mine and Damion's hands. There was an older woman sitting on a bench as we walked by. "That's a cute little boy you have there." She said in her scratchy voice. "He's not ours. I'm keeping him for a friend but thank you. He is quite the little cutie." I smiled at him. She smiled sweetly and returned to reading her book.


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