So In Love With...You?

So In Love With...You?


P.S.- You Are 15 In The Story

P.P.S- If you have any ideas let me know!

Chapter 1


Am I confused? Yeah, just a tad. I don't really know what to think about any of this. I looked around thinking. The snow that covered the ground looked just like a blur. I watched my feet as I took slow steady steps on the railroad track. I counted the steps in my head, 3..4....5. I stopped when I heard the loud chugging of the train's engine and moved off the tracks. Why would he want me to him here? I don't understand Hunter sometimes at all. I love the boy so darn much though. He is amazing, I swear. I walked to the tree, mine and Hunter's tree. He's 17. My mom always says that he is too old for me; too experienced. I know she's wrong though. He loves me and I know that. There was one flaw though, and I remembered that one when I saw him leaned against the tree. He smokes. He blew out a big puff when i walked up. "So.." I started, "why did you want to meet here?" He pressed the tip of the cigarette against the tree and dropped it. "You know who Kelly is don't you?" he asked and crossed his arms. "Um, yeah I think so. Isn't she your age?" He nodded, "She just lost her virginity." I was shocked. She always seemed too innocent to have sex. "To who?" I asked. He grinned, "Me. Just last night. It was pretty good, I gotta say." My eyebrows furrowed, "What? You mean cheated on me?" He shrugged, "I guess so." It pisse*d me off how he just acted like he was proud to say that. I slapped him, "We're done. For good this time." This is the second time he's done it. I started walking back to my house and it started snowing again. It was getting dark. I walked along the side of the tracks. My phone rang in my pocket, "Hello?.....No I'm fine mom...I'll be home soon..No we broke I really don't wanna talk about it..Bye." She is so over protective sometimes. I shoved my phone and my hands into my hoodie pockets. It was really getting cold now and it's about three miles back to my house. I could feel the chill bumps everywhere on my body, even under my thick hoodie and sweatpants. My lips went numb..
My face felt suddenly hot and I opened my eyes. I'm in my bed? But I don't remember getting home. Someone was sitting by my bed and I was almost too tired to look. "hun are you alright?" "hmm.." I mumbled, "ehh-..Aaron? What are you doing at my house?" Aaron had always been there for me. Always. His hair was dark but his eyes were a shocking bright blue. He's my best friend. "Your mom called me at about midnight. She said you were suppose to be home a long time ago so we went looking for you. Me, your mom, dad, and brother did. I thought.." He wiped his face quick, "When I found you laying in the snow..I could've sworn you were dead. I didn't know what to think." "What time is it?" I asked, trying to change the subject. "Three in the morning." "You need to go home and sleep Aaron." "I will soon. I just wanted to make sure you were ok first. Do you feel ok?" He felt my forehead again. His warm hand felt really good. I took it without thinking and held it to my face. He smiled and chuckled. "Thank you" I said and closed my eyes. "Anytime hun. Sleep well." He kissed my hair. He had always done that and called me hun even though we are just friends. He is the sweetest guy. Ever.

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