I am Jem

I am Jem

This is a story bout....well kinda my alter-ego i guess....ive always just had this girl in my head....but yeah you really gotta read it to understand. Its not about me tho.....not really anyway. also the pics are of me but yeah.... please enjoy...

Chapter 1


by: Jess1681
"And for that, I shall love you forever". "Okay great everybody, great rehearsal, we're almost there!" Jem Ellemane sat silently in the audience watching her friends and peers rehearse. She'd taken a break from working backstage to sit and admire. She'd always thought being on stage would be far better than hiding in the shadows behind the stars all the time, but she knew she was too afraid to even audition.
"Hey you, watcha up to?" Celest, Jem's best friend said as she hopped off the stage pulling her long blonde hair out of it's ponytail. Celest was very pretty, long blonde hair a few inches below the shoulder, a slim body, beautiful face, and dazzling blue eyes. She had an outgoing and kind personality to match.
Jem on the other hand had shortish blonde hair that had no dazzle power whatsoever. A typical small body, short legs, and normal blue eyes. . . you'd think Celest and her would look alike, but there was absolutely no comparison. Even Jem's personality seemed dull to most. She didn't like to talk much. She liked to blend in....at least....thats how it seemed....
"You did great Celeste" Jem said still sitting. "Oh well thank you" Celeste flopped down in the seat next to her. "It's so difficult being the lead. I hate having to memorize so many lines" "Well the part fits you. You're perfect for the role." Jem smiled. Celeste and her had been friends for as long as she could remember. She couldn't imagine life without her.
"Oh my mom just txted me. She's here. Would you like a ride?" Celeste asked getting up. She was always polite like that. "Nah Im all set. I think i'll stay a bit longer" "You spend to much time here Jem." "I like the quiet" Jem replied, looking all around the auditorium. "I'll just stay a bit longer, to see if Mr.Geen needs help." Mr. Geen was their drama instructor. He was tall and skinny, with a gray beard and hair, and eyes that looked right through you.
"Okay well call me later" Celeste said leaving. Truthfully she wasn't staying to help Mr.Geen out, he always lets her lock up, and she goes up to the top, up to the catwalk, just before she leaves, and she sits up there staring down at the stage.... "K" Jem replied.
As soon as Mr.Geen left, she turned off all the lights, except for those on the stage, and found her way to the prop room. The prob room was like a jungle, there was stuff everywhere. Dresses here, the wardrobe had clothes spilling out of it, masks and swords there, chairs and curtains, a fake coffin, a homemade bell pull, all memories from their previous plays.
"Finally" Jem said after she'd worked her way through mounds of boxes and clothing, she reached the latter. "Oh boy" she sighed and closed her eyes. The only thing she didn't like about the catwalk was climbing the latter, it was very very tall. The latter scaled the entire length from the floor to the ceiling. It was a scary climb, especially in the dark. Jem loved the catwalk though, with all the lights and wires and the boards to walk on. It was HER place. HER jungle. "Here we go" She said to herself and began to climb....

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