My love story...JONAS style

I'm putting all of the chapters here :) So now you guys can read it from the beginning :-)
© Jordyn N. Taylor

Chapter 3

I don't believe it

I drove home, listening to the Jonas Brothers; trying to figure out if the man on the CD was the one who had really asked me to lunch. I gathered that he wasn't and that I was completely out of my mind. I walked through the front door and almost instantly was pumbled by my mother.
"How'd it go? Did they sign you?" I smiled and walked to the kitchen.
"Does that mean yes? Tell me that means yes." I opened the fridge and grabbed an orange soda then looked at her
"Yes. They signed me." She jumped up and down and immediately ran to hug me
"That's great honey, told you they would." I smiled,
"I also go a lunch invitation from a celebrity." Her eyebrow lifted
"Really? Who?" I sat on the counter
"You will never guess." She sat down at the kitchen table and looked at me
"No I won't cuz you're going to tell me."
"Gosh ruin the fun mom." She smiled
"Nick Jonas." The room was quiet.
"No way." She said after a few minutes.
"I know, I don't believe it either." She was silent again
"So he just asked you out to lunch?" I told her the story from the audition to right before I came home. She smiled
"You'd better get ready; Nick Jonas will be coming to get you." I sighed, she was right.
I hurried upstairs and ran to my closet. I pulled out a red, blue, and light purple dress. Which one was the question. I put on the red one and twirled in front of my mirror. No, it was too sexy for lunch. I put on the light purple one and decided there was no need to twirl cuz I already didn't like it. Then the blue one. I twirled slowly, I loved it. I went to the bathroom and fixed my eyeliner and put my hair in a ponytail. Then my phone rang, it was Nick. I could tell by the unknown number.
Me: Hello?
Nick: You ready?
Nick: Where am I picking you up?
I gave him my address; I couldn't believe he was coming to my house.
Nick: Ok I'll see you soon.
Me: Ok bye.
I was nervous all of a sudden. I slowly walked downstairs.
"You look so pretty, that Nick Jonas is sure going to flip when he sees you." I flushed.
"Stop it dad." Guess mom had told him.
"I have to meet him first." I sat down on the sofa
"I know dad, I know." I wished it wasn't that way.
"Stop it honey, you're making her more nervous than she already is." Mom said smacking dad on the shoulder. I headed to the back yard and sat on the lawn swing underneath my favorite tree. It was my sanctuary from overprotective dads and too excited mothers. I closed my eyes; I was so going to write a song about this.
"Jordyn!" I heard my mom say. I headed back into the house. There he stood. I could see that he had changed too. He looked so handsome. I flushed all over. I was so extremely nervous.
"Hey." He said. I smiled
"So are you ready to go?"
Before we left Nick shook hands with my mother and had a lovely conversation with my father. We walked out onto the driveway there was his Ford Mustang. I couldn't believe any of this.

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