My love story...JONAS style

I'm putting all of the chapters here :) So now you guys can read it from the beginning :-)
© Jordyn N. Taylor

Chapter 2

Nick Jonas

I looked at him blankly. I think I was starting to stare, so I looked down. He smiled, wow a smile from Nick Jonas. I returned his smile.
"I am so sorry." I wasn't going to get mad at Nick Jonas.
"It's alright." He handed me my stuff. My best friend would never believe that Nick Jonas had touched my journal and song notebook. Neither would I once we went separate ways. There was awkward silence as we both waited for someone to start the conversation.
"So um, I didn't get your name." I smiled.
"That's a pretty name." I flushed; he had just said I had a pretty name.
"Thanks, yours is very handsome." That sounded cheesy but I wasn't going to call it pretty. He laughed, and so did I. It was getting more so awkward by the minute. My phone rang. Thank God. I looked at him
"Can you hold on for a sec?" I had just told Nick Jonas to hold on, who did I think I was? It was my best friend:
Marie: Hey did they sign you?
Me: Yes, almost instantly.
She screamed on the other line.
Me: Hey do you mind if I call you back, I'm kinda in the middle of something?
Marie: Ooh hot boy?
Me: Very, I will call you back and tell you all about it.
I hung up the phone. She would never believe that this hot boy turned out to be Nick Jonas.
"So yea um, what were we talking about?" He smiled
"Nothing really, it was kind of awkward." I laughed
"Yea it was."
", I know this might sound a bit forward but would you like to have lunch with me?" OMG, yes, duh, what else could I possibly say?
"Sure." He smiled
"Great. I have this thing I have to do so can I have your number so that I can call and pick you up?" First lunch, then my number, now he was going to pick me up…WOW.
"Yea of course." He handed me his phone and I entered my number.
"Ok awesome, I'll call you when I'm done." I smiled
"I'll see you later."
"Ok." I had run out of things to say, the shock had finally hit me.

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