My love story...JONAS style

I'm putting all of the chapters here :) So now you guys can read it from the beginning :-)
© Jordyn N. Taylor

Chapter 1

His eyes

I stood there like an idiot, not knowing what exactly to do. There I stood behind my piano looking blankly at the people in front of me. It wasn't stage freight, and at this moment I didn't really care what it was.
"Well, are you going to play for us or not?" one of the men said. There was absolutely no need to be pushy.
"Um yea." I said my tone a bit irritated. I began to play and sing one of the songs I had composed myself. I shut them out and just thought about the song and me. I let it take me away. Then unfortunately it was over. I waited almost too patiently for them to decide. I looked at the clock, I could think of a bunch of other things I'd rather do than just stand here.
"We're going to sign you." A smile spread across my face, I had just been signed to a record label.
I headed down the long hallway to the exit where I would be free. Then he hit me. All my stuff tumbled to the floor as did I. Damn it. I knelt down to pick it up and so did he. At least he hadn't run off, that would have really ticked me off. I sighed as I looked at the man who ran into me. His eyes were so beautiful. Deep chocolate brown. I always had a thing for guys with brown and hazel eyes. I immediately got lost, I completely forgot where I was and my balance was gone as I stood to retrieve my stuff. I was so stuck on his eyes that I barely realized who it was...Nick Jonas.

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