Under Age & Out Of Control (16) read intro please

ok so part 15 I was thinking was 16! I was at my cousins and wasn't paying attention so I messed up. Sorry!

Chapter 1

Real Results

My heart stopped as read the test. Positive. I had to let it go that far. I had to do it with Damion. I had to get pregnant at fifteen. I was going to be a teenage mother and Damion was going to be a teenage dad. I had screwed things up now. Every hope, every dream, every goal, screwed over by ''me''. Now the problem was, telling everyone. I walked out of the bathroom. Monica stood up and looked at me. "I'm pregnant." I said. I couldn't hear the emotion in my own voice. Just shock. "It'll be ok. You have everyone here for support." She said. "After my mom grounds me for life." I replied. "She'll understand it was a drunken mistake." "I wasn't drunk. Me and Damion had had a few. But she's going to kill me after she finds out I'm pregnant ''and'' under age drinking." "I'm sure she'll understand." "I doubt it. I'm going to call Damion." I said getting my phone. "Wait, Damion's the dad?" She asked in shock. "Yes." I answered. "You guys made up? When?" She asked. "Last night." I said. "So after two weeks of him not even looking at you, you guys drink a few then do it?" She asked looking at me with concern, fear and confusion.
I explained the story to her. "I couldn't stop once I started. It was like I was desiring him beyond desire." I explained. She nodded. "Now that you know the story I'm going to call him. Just please don't let this out to anyone! I'm going to make an appointment to make sure I really am pregnant before I tell everyone I am." I said. I dialed his number. I had never took it out of my phone even when we didn't talk for those two weeks that felt like two years.
"Hello?" He answered. "Damion. Its me. We need to talk. I need you to come over as soon as you can." I said. "Ok. Bri, is everything ok?" He asked. "I'm not sure. Just come over as soon as you can. Its very important." I said and hung the phone up. I plopped down on the bed then Monica sat down beside me so I sat back up. "To think there's a little Damion inside my belly." I said placing my hand on my stomach. I was trying to find the joke in the situtation. Even if it was as serious as being pregnant at fifteen. "Its just hard to figure out. He didn't talk to you at all for two whole weeks and then he gets you pregnant. Bri, he may not be a good choice." Monica said. "Do I really have a choice now? There's only one right thing to do out of all this wrong..." I trailed off. "Just because your pregnant with his kid doesn't mean you have to ''marry'' him. Besides, you have choices. Your just finding out today. You have time to make decisions." She said. "Are you talking about what I think your talking about? No! That's murder! I will not make some innocent life suffer for my own selfishness. I created this life, now I have to take care of it and raise it for eighteen years." I explained. "Ok. Its not my personal option either I'm just saying anyway." Monica said. "It'll have something good come from it anyway." I replied. "Damion is a good guy. He get's p!ssed easily but he's a good guy. I know he has piercings and tattoos and all that good stuff and people try to give him a bad name but he's a really good guy." I continued. Before she could reply he walked in the door. I stood up. "Monica, can you give us a minute?" I asked politely. "Sure. I'll be in the living room if you need me." She said standing up and leaving. "What's wrong? Are you ok?" He asked worried. "Not exactly I suppose." I said. He looked at me. "I think I'm pregnant." I said after a second when he didn't say anything. "What? From-from last night? Me and-and you?" He stuttered in shock. "Yeah. We didn't think about important things last night. We shouldn't have to start with. It was wrong and now I'm paying the price." I explained. "''We're'' paying the price. Your not alone in this. I'm here for support and anything else you need." He said. "That's good because I need you to drive me to the doctors office when I get the appointment set up. I don't want anyone knowing. Not even my parents are going to know." I said. "Ok. No one knows but us and Monica. Does she know not to tell anyone?" He asked. "Yes and she wouldn't do that to us." I said.
~The Next Day~
I had gotten an appointment for the next day which worked wonderfully.
I walked out to Damion's black Ford Mustang. That car was so beautiful. He was standing leaned against the passenger side door waiting on me. I noticed how different he looked. I got up close on him and realized why he looked different. "You have no piercings. Your tattoos are covered. You have on no eyeliner. What the h3ll?" I asked. He shrugged. " I figured that I needed to look um father-ish for the trip." He said. "Ok, that just sounds weird. Don't say that." I said. He smirked and opened the door for me.
I was nervous as we walked across the parking lot to the doctors office. I felt Damion slowly take my hand. I tightened my grip on his hand. I choked back the tears. "Damion." I said. "Yeah?" He asked. "I'm scared." I said my voice breaking. "Don't worry. I'm here for you. If you are pregnant, we'll tell everyone and if we have to, we can get an apartment and move in together." He said. "But shouldn't we do the right thing and get married if I am... pregnant?" I paused at the thought. "We can. Whatever you want to do I'll go along with it." He said. "Damion, I love you. Even if I'm not pregnant I love you and I have all along." I said before we went in the building. "I love you, too. You don't know how long I've waited to hear that." He smiled warmly at me.
We waited for the doctor to come back in. Again I was shaking horribly. I laid my head on Damion's shoulder as we waited. The doctor came in looking at his paper. I gulped in fear. What was going to be the actual results?


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