Letting Go to Bring Back (Kellan Lutz)

I'm transfering all the parts I already have into the new story thing :)

Character Info
Name: Erin Sophia Pearson
Age: 23
Description: Light brown hair with natural blonde highlights, green eyes, average height, skinny
Siblings: Katherine (Kate) and Lauren
Children: Kyle, age 7
talents: drawing people

Chapter 15

Oh...Happily Ever After :)

Here it is...last part :) Hope you like it!

* * * * *

"OHMYGOD! Is that what I think it is?" Vanessa asked, a grin forming on her face as she pointed to the rin on my finger.

Kate dashed towards me, grbbing my hand to get a better look. They both starred at me, waiting for an answer. I glanced at Kellan, who was smiling and nodded to them.

"YOU'RE GETTING MARRIED!" Vanessa shouted, throwing herself at me.

"Yeah." I said smiling.

So Kellan proposed to me the other day, and of course I said yes.

"All right, I better call Amy before she finds out from the press-" the doorbell rang. Vanessa shot up to go answer it and a few minutes later My mom, dad and Amy came in. Perfect I can tell them all at once.

Kellan stood up with me, putting his arm around my waist. We announced our engagment and they all congradulated us happily.

* * * * * *

"KELLAN!" I screamed out of excitement.

"What?" He asked groggily coming into the bathroom, I guess I woke him up, whoops.

"I'm pregnant!" that woke him up.

His face lit up as he pulled me into his arms.

"Can I help raise this one?" he asked with a sly smile. I laughed.

"Wouldn't have it any other way." I said, then reached up to kiss him.

When we told Kyle, he was determined to have a baby brother, we couldn't get the fact that it could possible be a girl through his mind.

* * * * *

"MA! MA!" I rolled my eyes and bent down picking my gorgeus little one year old daughter up.

"What?" I asked her, unable to hold back a laugh.

She didn't say anything else, so I guess she just wanted to be held.

"Guess what Emily? Daddy's coming home today!" I told her. Kellan was away working on a movie and he was coming back home today.

"Da-aad." she said, I laughed and nodded. "Yes." told her, she smiled.

"Kyle, get up you lazy bum!" I shouted into his room. He groaned.

"You father will be here any minute!" I added. He still didn't move. I set Emily down and got down to her level.

"Ky." she said, pointing at him, I smiled and nodded. "Yeah go get him." I said, she giggled, then ran towards his bed a little bit unbalanced. She lifted her arms up then brought them down, hitting him.

"EMILY! Go away!" he groaned, she kept hitting him, and even when he got up she hit him.

I grabbed her and lifted her back up. "Okay, I think your brother got enough of a beating for one day. " I told her.

We heard the front door open, and Kyle ran past me and down the stairs.

"DAD!" he shouted. I walked down the stairs so I wouldn't drop Emily.

"DA-AAADD!" Emily yelled when she saw him, he laughed, pulling me into his arms, giving me a quick kiss. I stepped back and handed Emily over to him.

"Hi Em, I missed you!" he told her, kissing her forehead, she smiled and it was the cutest thing.

"I missed all of you," he told us.

"Don't worry, you were surely missed too." I said "We're glad your home." I told him with a smile. He pulled me back towards him with his free arm. I hugged him and kissed his cheek.

And that's how life went on. Kellan would have to leave to film a movie, sometimes it'd be longer than other times, and we'd stay home and miss him, but keep living. And then when he came home, those were the best times.

The End♥

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