Letting Go to Bring Back (Kellan Lutz)

I'm transfering all the parts I already have into the new story thing :)

Character Info
Name: Erin Sophia Pearson
Age: 23
Description: Light brown hair with natural blonde highlights, green eyes, average height, skinny
Siblings: Katherine (Kate) and Lauren
Children: Kyle, age 7
talents: drawing people

Chapter 14

Sparks Fly

Just wanted to say that the next part will be the last. Sorry, it's just I've run out of ideas for this story, and like I said last chapter, I want to start my new Emmett story and I'm not starting that til I finish this.

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* * *

"Kyle, Kellan is your dad." I said, and watched the kid's face light up.

"Really?" he asked, Kellan and I both nodded.

"Well how you never told me before?" he asked, his eyebrows raised.

Kellan got down to his level and said; "Don't worry about it, I didn't know until recently either." he said, then ruffled Kyle's hair, earning a grin.

I smiled, already picturing how this could work.

* * *

Life eventually got in the way of all the fun. And what I mean is, Kate and Vanessa had to go back to Arizonna, go back to work.
Kyle and I on the otherhand, stayed right here in L.A. with Kellan...for a little bit anyways. of course, then again they did have to stay a little longer for Jeff's trial. Oh, and he was found guilty, so back in jail for him...thank god.

And unfortunately my sister Amy found out that Kellan Lutz is the father of my child the hard way...

We were on the beach, Kellan and Kyle were out in thew water. I was sitting on a towel cross-legged thinking of something to draw. I felt my phone vibrate next to me. I picked it up and saw that Amy was calling me.

"What's up Amy?" I asked, pulling my sketchbook off my lap.

"WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME? I thought you loved me! I THOUGHT YOU TRUSTED ME!" she shouted into the phone.

"What are you talking about Amy? Of course I love and trust you." I replied, wondering why she was so...upset?

"Then why didn't you tell me you had a kid with Kellan Lutz?" she demanded

"Uh--I was going to! How did you even find that out? Please don't tell me by Vanessa." I sighed

"You were going to tell me my ass! I found out from a stupid magazigne cover Erin! A MAGAZIGNE!" she growled.

"Amy chill out! I really was going to tell you, when I got home." I told her, and it was the truth!

"You could have told me earlier. I mean, I know I've asked who Kyle's dad was. But you never told me," she continued.

"I- I'm sorry." I said. She hung up without saying another word.

I sighed, falling backwards onto my sandy towel.

"What's wrong?" Kellan asked, grabbing his towel to dry himself off. He sat down next to me. "My sister is pissed at me right now." I groaned, tossing my phone in my bag.

"Kate?" he asked, I shook my head. "No, Amy." I sighed and he pulled me into his arms.

"What did you do?" he asked, trying not not smile. I laughed, I couldn't help it.

"I didn't tell her that you were Kyle's dad, she found out by reading a magazigne." I said seriously.

"A magazigne?" he asked "I know right!" I groaned.

"Damn the press are good!" He muttered, I smiled slightly.

"How did they know?" he asks, I shake my head.

"Who knows." I mumbled. "Oh well." he agrees.

"Now back to your sister. So she's pissed at you, right? Well if you wanna make her un-pissed you have to do something nice for her. What does she like?" he asked. I thought about it.

"Music...art...Twilight." I grinned, he grinned back. "That, is something i can help you with." he smiled.

* * *

"I can't believe you got me a ticket to L.A. just to apologize." Amy said as I drove away from LAX Airport.

"Aw, the best part hasn't come yet." I told her.

Kellan made arrangements for Amy to meet the cast. Not everyone, just Rob, Kristen, Taylor, Ashley, and Jackson, they were the only ones that could make it. I guess it's lucky though that we got the three main stars, they're always busy I guess! Oh and then of course Kellan.

* * *

It looked like Amy was about to pass out.

"That..was amazing." she said. We just left from taking her to meet the cast.

"Are you okay?" I asked her, Kellan was smiling slightly as he drove.

"Better than okay." she assured me. I smiled.

"Yeah, that was pretty cool." Kyle agreed.

Then the two of them talked in the back about everything that happened. I smiled. Glad they both had fun.

* * *

I stepped out of the car into the Arizona morning air. It was a little warm, but not hot like it would be later on in the day. The sun was starting to rise in the sky. I grabbed some suitcases, and headed up the walkway to my house, which I hadn't seen in like a month.

Vanessa came running out of the house, in her pajammas, and threw her arms around me, causing me to drop my luggage.

"I MISSED YOU!" she shouted, I laughed, hugging her back.

When I pulled away I saw that Kellan was trying to carry both a sleeping Kyle and a bag. I laughed taking the bag, Vanessa grabbed the suitcases she made me drop.

When we were inside I had Kellan put Kyle in his room to sleep. When he came back we all chatted about things that had happened.

Vanessa was explaining her long-distance relationship with Chad when she stopped talking completely, a shocker, and gasped, starrin at me....

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