Letting Go to Bring Back (Kellan Lutz)

I'm transfering all the parts I already have into the new story thing :)

Character Info
Name: Erin Sophia Pearson
Age: 23
Description: Light brown hair with natural blonde highlights, green eyes, average height, skinny
Siblings: Katherine (Kate) and Lauren
Children: Kyle, age 7
talents: drawing people

Chapter 13

I'm In Love:)

Kellan was quiet for the rest of the night, I wondered what was bugging him. After I put Kyle to sleep, he asked if I'd talk to him.
It was late, but he didn't seem to care, because he led me right out the hotel.

We ended up at a nearby park seated next to each other on a park bench.
It was quiet, peaceful here. Some people were still out on the streets, and you could here traffic and sirens, but it was all so distant here.

It took Kellan a few minutes to talk, but I didn't pressure him, I let him take his time, thinking myself.

"Why didn't you tell me?" he finally asked.

"Tell you what?" My question was most certainly not out of fake stupidity as Kellan must have thought. There were probably lots of things I hadn't told him that he wanted to know the reason for not telling him.

"Erin don't..don't do that! Please, I'm sure you know what I'm talking about." he argued. I sighed.

"Not exactly Kellan." I stated truthfully.

He smirked "How about the fact you didn't happen to mention to me, at anytime, that I have a son."

I was stunned...out of everything I had been thinking of what he wanted know, that had slipped my mind. How could he know? Kate and Vanessa wouldn't tell him...would they? But then again, knowing Vanessa it probably slipped.

"I'm not even going to ask, how you found out. Not now anyway. Kellan, I was going to tell you I swear." I said, I felt really bad...really bad. He should have found this out from me! Not however he found out.

"Really, were you?" he questioned.

"Yes! Right before I got that call. That's what I wanted to tell you!" I exclaimed.

He sighed. "Yeah, that's what Vanessa said, I guess I just...I don't know." he ran his hand through his hair quickly.

"I wanted you to find out from me, and I'm so sorry. I was stupid, I should have just told you, I was procrastinating. I was nervous, not sure how you'd respond."

He shook his head and smiled slightly. "Erin, I just wish you'd have told me as soon as you knew you pregnant."

I couldn't hold back the tears, threatening to spill over.
I so did not plan on crying about this...well, in front of Kellan anyways.

"Hey, don't cry Er." he said, Swiping his finger across my cheek to cath the tears. He slid closer to me and put his arm around me, forcing my head to lay on his shoulder. I felt like we were back in high school and he was just trying to comfort me over something stupid that upset me.
But was this something stupid?

"I was going to tell you...sniff...but then you, you went through with your whole acting career! And that's the reason I wouldn't come here wth you! I was pregnant and I didn't want to hold you back from going after your dream! I made you think I didn't love you anymore so you could be happy, when really I never stopped loving you! Kellan that wa the hardest thing I've ever done." I explained, while trying not to sob my eyes out.

"It was something you didn't have to do Erin, something you shouldn't have done. You should have told me the truth."

"But look where you are today. Your famous, and acting, and modeling! Isn't that stuff you like to do?" I asked him, he chuckled.

"Of course, but I would have willingly given it up to help you raise a baby. I'm pretty sure I'd find some happiness there." he winked at me making me laugh.

"And, if it's all right with you, I think I'd like to officially become apart of you and Kyle's life." he said.

"Perfectly fine...you just have to promise you won't give anything you have now up." I said to him.


* * *

"Kyle!" I shouted, smiling at Kellan. He grabbed my hand and gave it an encouraging squeeze.

"What?" Kyle asked, coming into the room.

"I- I mean WE, have to tell you someting." I smiled as Kellan let out a quick chuckle...

A/N: Have a Happy New Year and please comment, thanks! :D

also, sorry it's short! I think I'll be ending this soon...I've run out of ideas, besides I have an idea for an Emmett Cullen story, and I don't wanna start that til finish a story!

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