Letting Go to Bring Back (Kellan Lutz)

I'm transfering all the parts I already have into the new story thing :)

Character Info
Name: Erin Sophia Pearson
Age: 23
Description: Light brown hair with natural blonde highlights, green eyes, average height, skinny
Siblings: Katherine (Kate) and Lauren
Children: Kyle, age 7
talents: drawing people

Chapter 1

Let Go (Chapter 1)

It was a very hot and sunny day in this small town in Arizona. I was sitting in the backyard by the pool, watching Kyle, my son, swim.
"Mom! Mom! Watch me!" Kyle shouted, trying to get my attention. I leaned forward, giving him all my attention.
He jumped off the diving board, doing a flip in the air. I bit down on my lip. I was going to kill Kate for teching him that, everytime he did it I got scared that he'd hit his head or something. I relaxed when he went into the water and came back up. For a 7 year old he was a really good swimmer.
"ERIN!" I groaned, and Vanessa by best friend, came into view.
"Oh god, I can't imagine what you have to tell me." I sighed, and then I got a good look at her. She looked excited and very happy.
"I know exactly what we're going to do for you birthday!" she said, trying to contain her excitement. "What?" I asked "We're going to L.A.!" she squealed, my eyes widened.
"Aw come on Erin! Pleeeeease!" she begged.
"I don't really want to go there." I muttered "Erin, your seriously being selfish right now!" Vanessa argued, I starred at her shocked.
"If you want to go to L.A., go on your birthday, and without me! You know, I thought you of all people would understand why I don't want to go to Los Angeles, California!" I snapped, then got up from my chair and ran into the house.
As I headed for the stairs Kate, my older sister, walked through the front door. "Erin what-" she stopped, and watched as I ran up the stairs.
"VANESSA! WHAT THE HELL DID YOU DO?!" I heard Kate yell from downstairs. There was a short pause.
"YOU WHAT!" Kate screamed "Why would you do that? Are you stupid or something?" Kate demanded, god I loved my sister. Kate stopped yelling, so I couldn't hear her anymore. I closed my bedroom door, then threw myself on my bed. I grabbed a pillow and screamed into it, very childish I know, but it relaxed me.
There was a light, familiar knock on the door.
I sighed "Come in Kyle." I said, the door opened and Kyle ran in, dripping wet from the pool.
"Hey buddy," I said quietly, he walked closer to me.
"Mommy why don't you want to go to L.A.?" he asked me curiously. I tensed up.
/"Come to L.A. with me!"
"It's too complicated to explain to you." I lied, no if I told him he'd understand, but if I told him it would hurt him too.
"I think I can keep up," he said, and I bursted out laughing. "Vanessa and I have overly expossed you to our obsession with Twilight!" I laughed, running my hand through his wet hair. He grinned, pushing my hand off his head. There was another knock on the door, I looked up to see Vanessa standing in the doorway.
"Kyle, can I talk to your mom for a minute?" she asked "Go ahead." he said, not moving. "Privately." she added, he sighed, then walked out. Vanessa shut the door then walked over to me.
She sat down on my bed, next to me. "Erin, look I'm really sorry." she whispered "I didn't mean to hurt you, and trust me, I do understand, I was there when...well you know." she started, I sighed nodding.
"I was wrong, you aren't the selfish one here, that's me. It's just, I really want to go, and I got mad, even though I knew you'd say no! It's just- ugh I'm so sorry." she apologized.
"Do you really, really want to go?" I asked her, she nodded anxiously, I sighed. "Fine, we'll go. But when we get there your going to be buying me a lot of stuff when we go shopping." I said, she jumped up excitedly.
"YAY! Thank you thank you THANK YOU! You are officially the best friend ever!" she squealed, I smiled
"Oh crap, I better start saving up..." she mumbled, I laughed. "So are we cool?" she asked "Yes, you know I can't stay mad at you, especially after you apologized right away." I said, then we hugged it out.
"Erin, please don't get mad, but I think we need to talk." she said pulling away. I sighed. "I know this is all really hard for you, but I think you need to let go. I mean, it's been like seven years! He's not coming-" I cut her off
"I know that Vanessa! I've never even expected him to come back, he's probably forgotten all about me by now!" I snapped
"No...I doubt he forgot you! Ugh, I'm sorry, I'm just not sure...of anything! I don't know the reason you can't seem to let go, and ugh I should just shut up now!" she sighed
"Vanessa, what are you trying to say?" I asked her "I'm trying to figure out how to get you to let go of the past, at least for next week-" I stoped her
"Next week?" I asked "Yeah, we're going next week." she said
"You already have it planned?" I demanded, she nodded.
"Yes, now back to letting go! I want you to try to let go just for next week, because if you don't you'll get all paranoid." she sighed.
"L.A. is a big place, so I highly doubt you'd run into him anyway!" she added "Not. Helping." I muttered
"Right, sorry." she mumbled "I've already let go though!" I complained
"No you haven't, well have kinda, but you get paranoid and upset whenever someone brings it up, or whatever!" she said
"Okay, I won't disagree with that..." I said softly
"I get it Er, I really do, and I look up to you, because raising Kyle on your own so that his dad could-" I cut her off
"Alright, I get it, can we drop the subject?" I asked, she nodded
"I still think you should have told him that you were pregnant with his baby!" she said quickly, I glared at her.
"Now, I'm completely done." she grinned.
Kyle trudged tiredly into the kitchen. "Morning bud, hungry?" I asked, he nodded "What would you like?" I asked him
"Scrambled eggs." he replied groggily, I smiled.
He started to climb up onto the counter.
"What are you doing?" I asked him. "Getting some cereal to go with my eggs." he replied
"No climbing on the counters, what kind do you want?" I asked him
"Fruity Pebbles." he replied, I grabbed that and a bowl then handed them to him. As he poured cereal into the bowl, I started making his eggs.
"No milk?" Vanessa asked him, coming into the room.
"You know I eat my cereal milk-less." he said, glaring at her.
"Haha, I was just messing with ya bud." she said.
If your wondering why Vanessa is here, it's because she, and my sister Kate, live here too, I guess you could say we're roommates.

Kyle's POV
I finished my breakfast, then headed upstairs to play. I went into my room and grabbed some of my cars.
I noticed I was missing my two favorite cars. I frowned, then remembered they were still in my mom's purse from when she and Vanessa went to the mall and I had to go with them.
I walked to my mom's room, then went into her closet where her purse was. "Darn it!" I muttered, the purse my cars were in, was on a high shelf.
I grabbed the chair from my mom's desk, and rolled it into the closet.
I climbed on that, then grabbed the purse. The chair rolled backwards making me almost fall.
I grabbed the edge up the shelf, and my feet were dangling. I was about to jump down, but then the shelf broke and I fell. I hit the ground and purses, hats and a few boxes attacked me. One of the boxes opened and everything fell out of it. Papers were all over the floor.
I got a closer look and realized that the papers were drawings. I picked one up and starred at it, it was a drawing of a guy.
I looked at the other drawings, they were all of the same guy. There were photos too, I starred at one, it was a picture of that guy and a girl that looked like my mom. Who was this guy?
I thought about it...maybe he was my dad. I've never met him before, I asked my mom once if he died, she said he was still alive.
Which makes me wonder why him and my mom aren't married, or why they aren't even boyfriend and girlfriend still.
"Oh my god...Kyle what did you do!" it was only Vanessa, or like I called her Nessa. "It was an accident." I said she started picking up the drawings and photos and putting them back in the box, when she wasn't looking I grabbed a photo and put it in my pocket.
When everything was back in the box, she reached up and fixed the shelf, then started putting everything back on it.
"Your mom can't know about any of this." she said to me sternly "Who was that guy-" she cut me off
"No one, forget about everything you just saw, no questions, just forget about it." Nessa said, I sighed "Okay, fine." I muttered
"Good, now go back to your room and play." she told me.

Erin's POV
I can't believe I was acctually giving in to Vanessa. We were on the plane on our way to California. I was sitting next to Kyle, and Vanessa, and Kate who Vanessa magically somehow got to come, were sitting scross from us. I can't believe I'm doing this.........TBC

Author's Note:
I know things are a bit confusing, but things will start making sense when they get to L.A. I promise! :D

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