Grave Keeper's Daughter [21]

HeRe It Is!!!

Chapter 1

Anything I Want

"Dave and I were watching TV and he just randomly put the ring on my finger and said, 'Huh, I guess we should get married'."
Trace and I laughed and Dave let out a small squeak of protest. "It sounded more romantic in my head..." He said instead and we all laughed.
Margie stood up and wrapped her arms around Dave's neck. "It was a more hill-billyish way." They smiled and kissed. "Ewwwww," Trace said and I smiled and sat on the table.
"Oh shut up! I know you want to be making out with Aquila right now, so keep your mouth shut." I laughed as Trace went a shade of red I had never seen on him before.

After Margie And Dave Leave~

I sat back on the table and took a bite out of an apple and swallowed it when Trace came in from showing them out. He came over and put his hands on both of my sides. Alex leaned forward and I could smell his cologne: a strong, cinnamony, spicy smell. "And what do you plan on doing now?" I asked and smiled.
He shrugged. "Anything I want."

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