I am making this story just for fun. It is a multiple author story, I am the creator though.

Chapter 1

Piggy Galore

Well looky here, hello! Would you like to help me and my little town defeat evil Piggy Galore, his name is ... Don Dun Don REX!

My name is Lily, I live in the small town of Leterian, on Planet Blashna.
My best freinds name is Frank. Yeah, Frank, don't make fun.
We are all Smurfs, humans, but apparently we are smaller than the humans on Planet Earth, I think we are normal size. Well anyway, ever since Evil Piggy Rex took over the gigantic town of Gusteen things haven't been so well.

Rex has his whole army of Pigs, waiting to strike on the weak, merely for their entertainment.

On the basics the things that live on my planet are Smurfs, Dwarfs, Antelope, and Frogs.

On Rex's planet there are Pigs and their minions, which are donkey's.

You may be thinking ahh why are they beating us, well let me tell ya homee, we are so winning, oh hang on a sec...

"Mom! The Pigs broke the roof again!"

Ok I am back. See all is good except for the part, well... HELP US!!!!!!!!!

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