Fallen Angel

okay this switches from a few peoples pov's
names ;
Juliane; Raven - Girl
Andre`; Angel - Guy
Avery - Girl
Zach - Guy

Chapter 2

Chapter 2 (all the places are real)

We walked into the school gates eveyone looked . At us . Andre` glared and I smiled a few people smiled at me but most looked at Andre` and they glared at him. His black hair was blowing in the wing and his silver eyes looked angry . Very angry . "umm Andre` is everything okay?" I asked"yes, why?" he asked . Not loking towards me . "Because you umm look a little scary." I awnsered "How -" he started "So you are the new pwople I have to show around aren't you? Andre` and Raven? " said a girl who had just appered infront of us .She was pretty for a human with rough shoulder length black hair and emerald eyes .It was obvious that she wanted to appear snpaish but her prety Irish accent just would not allow it ."Yes." awnsered Andre` his heavy French accent contrasting nicely with her Irish one. Tha was another difference between us even though we were both born in France and lived there for ages he had a Freanch accent and I did not , I had an American accent I had taught myself not to speak with a French accent . There was an ackward moment of silence "so what is your name? sorry for Andre` rudness he is usually not this bad " I said apolagising for Andre` "Avery and it is okay you think he is rude ?you should hear some of the other guys at this school"she said but I thinkshe had given up on the snapy bi+ch look but she still sounded a little pissed-off at havig to show us aroundwichI so did not get at our last place in America we had gotten around fine by ourselves and this place looked a whole lot smaller than our old one.Andre` just glared at me but I could tell there was something wrong .His eyes they seemed brighter than usual and there was a slight flush to his cheeks ."Are you okay?" I asked so quietly that only he could hear me . I could see Avery looking at us strangly "Yes" he said but I noticed he was not looking at me straight . I raised an eyebrow but shruged . I was going to have to keep an eye on him . "So where are our first classes?" I asked I know it was before the first bell but things might work dirfferently here "ummm I don't know lets go get you schedule umm follow me" Avery murmered . Gosh why were all the people here so wired all these mood swings . Andre` sarted coughing loud throattycoughs. He was sooooooo not well . "You okay ?" I asked loudly this time "Oh , Yeah" he awnsered then started coughing , hard body racking coughs . I exchanged starteled looks with Avery . I had the feeling we were going to be friends . That was starnge I usually ignored human girls . "So let's go" Andre` said affter he finished coughing "Okay" Avery said but she sounded a little worried . We got to the office it looked like a primary school office but more gruby "ahhh you must be Andre` and Raven , welcome to Dingle hope you have enjoyed your stay so far" said the woman at the front desk. She sounded like a tourist guide who hated tourist-guiding ."Hello" grunted Andre` . His voice sounded muffeled ,as if he was trying to hide his accent .That was stupid French accents were sexy . Maybe he did not want people to notice him , yeah that sounded right . "Okay here are your scheduals and a list of the school rules" sahe said . What the hell didn't she think we did not know the rules . I decided I did not like her . The lady said something to Avery in Gaelic but I could make out the word "Zach" in there somewhere . Avery smiled and nodded .We walked out ."Zach!" Avery called "Yes" said a boy who had just appered infront of us he loked a lot like Avery tall and skinnly with messy black hair .He was wearing black skinnes and a Blak sweater ,pretty much the same as Avery and Andre` "umm Raven , Andre` this is Zach my cousin ,Zach this is Raven and Andre` , they just moved from America."said Avery introducing us "Hey" I said and smiled "Hey" Zach replied his voice was lovely an dhis grey eyes glinted , he acctually looked a lot like Andre` . Andre` just nodded , hiding his accent again I see ."so what was America like?" Avery asked breaking the akward silence , she was good at that . "Ummmm we were only there for a few months really before that we lived in Europe" explained Andre` looking at me with a strange expression on his face . Like he wanted to tell me something . I noticed he looked a lot better than before his cheeks were back to the normal pale colour and his eyes were normal again . I looked over at the others Avery was applying another layer of eyeliner , and Zach was looking at Andre` a strange expression on his face , like he knew something we did not . The first bell rang "okay" said Avery snaping shut her mirror and putting it and the eyeliner in her small bag "Zach ,Andre` I have looked at your scheduale's and they are the same , big suprise , so Zach I trust you to show Andre` around 'kay now Raven you an I both have English now we better go bye boys go do yor thing see you at firs break " Avery said really,really fast all in one breath too. "Okay , sir" said Zach smiling slightly "I am not a sir and you know now shoo go do some guy stuf " Avery said then she grabed my hand and pulled me towards our first class.

I looked over at Zach he was leading me towards a small brick buliding . He was strong for a human I guess and very good looking . Unlike me . I wondered if he looked like what I would look like if I was good looking . "So you came from Europe ?"Zach asked "Yeah it explains the accent " I joked uneasily .Still I don't know there was something about him that made me feel relaxed and more healthy .When he had joined the group I sudenly felt a hole lot better so I was going to stick with him even if he was a human ."Your accentis not that bad you know ,unlike your health" Zach said turning to me real concern in his eyes "How did you know?" I asked suprised "Come with me." Zach said smiling slightly . "Oh and don't worry you can unfurl your wings , I know what you are and I know it causes you pain to have them like that ."Zach said the cold wind blowing his messy hair across his face ."How do you know?" I asked but let my wings escape even though it broke through my sweater .I noticed our suroundings he had led me to a wall on the side of a building . It was a cold day and it had just started raining . I shivered ."Come on follow me" Zach whipered the look of concern on his faace. He was nice, for a human . He started leading me towards the forest on the edge of school grounds . "How do you know?" I asked again ."Me and my cousin well we are not human either " he awnsered "That is why you're so nice!" I exclained "What ?" he asked ."I have found that humans are a bit useless and cruel " I said shruging , it was true . "Well I am not human I am a healer and my sister is an ex-hunter " he said shruging "I have heard stories about them , don't high up Angels and Faeries get them to kill halflings like me and Raven?" I asked sudenly worried . I started to back away"Yes, well with most Hunters that is true but not with Avery she did not like the way things were so she came here tolive with me , aka she is not a real hunter anymore ." he explained "what about Healers , I never heard about them?" I asked and we carried on walking futher into the forest "You really need to ask ? I heal Angels , Faerirs and Halflings it is why you feel better near me , because I can heal you still I am not that good though the ones in France are much better than me but that is not hard" Zach laughed . I was still confused "How come I never knew about Hearlers before?" I thought aloud "Because alot has changed since you left the world you belong in ." Zach awnsered bluntly "that was only 350 years ago" I argued "yes but there was a fight your mother died they made Healers out of Hunters who had healing knowlege and gave them powers but no-one could save her . My Father was one of those Hunters " I felt as if someonehad poured cold water on me. I may not have seen her for hundreds of years but she was omy mother . "I am sorry" Zach apologised . My face must have shown my fear and saddness . I quickly put back on the expresionless mask I had taught myself to wear " What for? so why did you bring me out here ?" I asked . Zach tilted his head slightly as if he could see what I was hiding . Like he could see right through me. "Umm we are not there yet , we came here so I could help you and so we could explain thing for you Raven , or I should say Juliane , and Avery will be joining us to but I think Avery acctually wanted to go to school today so she is going to a few classes first " Zach laughed . There were a few minutes of silence and just walking . When we came to a stop . There was a small house made of a large grey stone with vines growing up the walls . It was the sort of thing you saw in movies ,beautiful. Zach again being perspective saw my face ."Healers traditionly have houses like this" he explained .As we got closer I could see it had arched windows made of a dark wood with a door of the same style . Then a wave of sikness came again my head started to hurt and I felt dizzy. I started coughing again . I placed my hand to my head and started to cough again , those body racking coughs . The ones that hurt . I pulled back my hand it was covered in blood . The dizziness came again harder then before . I collapsed ino darkness.

"Shi+" I whispered and caught Andre` as he fell .His body was limp in my hands . "Andre`?" I said quietly .He did not reply , the only thing telling me he was still alive was that his ings were still beating , shaikily but still moving . I heard somehumans blundering through the forrest towards me .I ran into thecottage holding an unconcious Andre` in my arms . I lay him on the bed for people I was healing it was a large double bed that hardlyfit in the room but it was really comfortable. There was a thin line of blood running down his chin. He was very sick . I placed my hands on Andre`s chest and muttered a few spells , that is really the only form of magic I can do the only form of magic I am capable of doing the healing sort. His breathing evened out and his face grew a litle less pale . "Zach we are here!" I heard Avery call "where are you?" "I'm in here" I shouted back "okay... "Avery's voice trailed off and they came into the room.

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