It's a beautiful summer evening . Cheryl returns home after babysitting those tyrants! All she wants now is some rest.

Chapter 1


by: youngtech
Soon to be an adult, Cheryl Daws enters her home after having babysit twin boys who were definitely the perfect counterparts of "Dennis The Menace"." I'm freee! The Mckinnleys are beginning their weekend early! Yippee!! At last I'll get a couple of peaceful days!", she was exuberant and came exclaiming as she somersaulted to her favourite couch, and switched on the T.V. "What?!!Another of those sick sitcoms! Can't stand them. What's on other channels....."
Her eyes suddenly stopped on the caption- See the enthralling world of the DEAD for yourself.
"Not again!That stupid horror show!", she sighed in frustration as she went to fetch a can of orangeade. She was on a dreamy note. A perfect bliss with her archenemies gone! Something intervened her happy thoughts. The air in the room was suddenly saturated with an autumnal melody.
"Cheryl, come with us. Be one of us.", the sweet bewitching voice of a woman hit her ears. The can fell from the hands of the dread filled girl." Who are you? Where are you? I didn't even hear the doorbell." "I'm right next to you, sweetie.Peep inside the TV."

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