The Things I Hate

The Things I Hate

Chapter 1

Mystery Message

The water was floating beneath me, the sky, above. “Per ouse lan racoux!” I mumbled. Instantly, I was diving through fire, which was surrounded by an all-consuming blackness. With a light-footed landing, I was crouched between a square of Fire. Suddenly, four more people were surrounding me.
"It’s been too long, hasn’t it, Ryan?" he asked, then proceeded to glance at me; "You’re getting older."
"Too long indeed, Micheal." Ryan answered.
"Shall we?" Micheal asked, sounding rather impatient.
"Shall we what?" I demanded.
"No. We can’t. She hasn’t figured it out. Maybe Zane can tell her?" suggested Ryan.

''Zane. He always comes up in my dreams. Stupid, idiotic, retarded, Zane.'' I thought subconsciously.
"No. Kade can’t tell her. He’s been avoiding her for the reasons which we mustn’t mention in front of our dear Xyla." Micheal said with a smile my way.
"Shut up!" I said. "It’s been weeks now. I get it, I’m supposed to know something. Now, ''tell me what I am supposed to know!''"
"So impatient!" Ryan and Micheal complained simultaneously.
I stood up, my black cloak billowing behind me. “Shut up!” I said, and walked into the fire.

I sat up in shock. "Ugh!" I complained, which sounded quite odd in a British accent. "''What am I supposed to know?!''"
"''Shut! Up!''" my door neighbor, Zane, or Kade, as some call him, yelled.
"You shut up!" I exclaimed.
"Fine!" he yelled back. "Will do!"
I rolled my eyes and glanced at the clock. 6:28AM it read. "Holy shiit!" I yelled.
A few seconds later, I heard an echo of what I said; from Kade, followed by a slam. "You could have told me it was so late!" He said, leaning out of his window, looking particularly calm.
''And hot.'' I thought. Then paused. ''I did'' not ''just think that.'' "Ditto!" I said, searching for my ''Avenged Sevenfold'' t-shirt.
"You’re hair looks like a rat’s nest." he remarked.
"Shut up and get ready for school, Zane!" I said. "Oh! I found it!" I exclaimed, holding up the lost-then-found t-shirt. I quickly changed into that and a pair of skinny jeans. Hopping on one foot, I put my pair of high tops on. I ran too the front door. I grabbed my keys and ran out to my car, rain pouring all around me. I jumped in the car and slammed the door behind me.
"And she sticks the landing; no glue needed!" I shoved the keys in the ignition. It sputtered, lifeless. "Oh no. Come on. Please. Not now, please, not now. Not on my first day in college as a sixteen year old! Not. Now." I mumbled over and over again as I repeatedly turned the keys in the ignition. "I’ll love you forever if you start! I promise!" I said to my car. She started up… only to sputter and die out. "Ugh! Idiotic car! Start!" I climbed into the now sprinkling rain, kicking the tires. "See! This is why I never liked automobiles. Stupid piece of junk." I heard the distinct ''beep beep!'' of a car horn. Still mumbling of my dislike of cars, I grabbed my bag and climbed into Zane’s car. As much as I hate him, he’s, oddly, always there when I need him.
"Yes, Xyla! I’ll take you to college, no problem. Oh, no need to thank me, really! I was going there anyway!"
"Ugh. Must you keep reminding me that we ''both'' got early exceptions into the ''same'' college.?"
"Yes.” he answered. "I must."
I scooted as far away as I could from Kade and we drove silently to school. As we pulled into the parking lot, I mumbled to myself; "Something about my British accent, and I swear, I’ll snap."
Kade mimicked me, "Sumthang abot mah Bwitish ahhcesnt nd I sweae I’ww snahp."
"Shut up!" I whisper-shouted. I climbed out of the badly parked car and stood up, running to the covered campus, trying to avoid getting soaked. I instantly looked for the office. As I passed the cafeteria, I heard the whispers. ''Gosh. Two seconds in this school, and I already have shiit being talked about me.''
"Yeah! Her name is, like, Zicka, or something--uh. Doesn’t she, look, like, so weird?!"
I wanted to say --no, I did say-- "My name is Xyla. Said like a ‘Z’ spelled with an ‘X’. Don’t like the way I look? Well why don’t you write a freaking letter about it, re-read it, and then shove it! ‘Kay?!"
"''You talk funny!''” I heard from the back.
"''Yeah, well! You look funny!''" I yelled back.
I ran to the office to let them know that their new Xyla has arrived. I grabbed my new schedule. I headed to my first class, A.P. Chemistry.
Taking a breath, I entered into the classroom feeling like I was on fire. And trust me, I know that feeling. I went into the room, and to my luck….

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