The Real Story of Cedric Diggory

I just had to write this story, since I love Cedric the character, and not the actor (and never ever accuse me of loving RP!!). There really wasn't anything here that I really here we go!!

AWARD Please note that this story, all three parts of it, tied for first place in Best Harry Potter Story in the Quibblo's Choice Awards of 2011. The awards were held under xXxluvhimxXx (deleted that account, and is under new name to be added here shortly).

Chapter 1

A Little Background First

You are a muggleborn witch named Bodicea (beau-dih-CH-AY-uh) who was Sorted into Hufflepuff, your absolute favorite House after hearing the Sorting Hat's Song descriptions. That evening you met with a nice young man who was introduced as Cedric Diggory. He seemed to be quite popular, though he was quiet and intelligent. There was a dreamy looking girl named Cho that always seemed to be watching him from the Ravenclaw table, something one of the guys who hung out with Cedric constantly pointed out. He was in his second year, but knew enough about the school to add valuable points to the tour of the school the two girls you befriended took you on. Before long, you had your own group of Huffles: Cedric, three guys by the names of Harold, Jeremy, and Samuel, your two best friends Shannon and Chloe, and you. The ages ranged from third to first year, and as the years passed, you included a few other good kids in the first few years. Then your sixth year rolled around, and Cedric celebrated his seventeenth in the Hufflepuff common room with the group. Then the Triwizard Tournament was announced, and Cedric finally decided to submit his name. Your whole group went and watched him put his name in the Goblet, and cheered when the slip of parchment disappeared into the blue flames. You all went off and roamed around the grounds talking and practicing fun charms on each other until the class bell rang and you all split up until lunch. Cho and Cedric started really dating, and you teased along with the rest of the group that the two of them had the same first initial.
When the Yule Ball came along, Cedric predictably invited Cho to go with him, though a few of the younger girls in Hufflepuff (and other houses!) moaned about him not choosing another. Thankfully, no one invited you and you went along with the rest of the girls in the group to just hang out and have fun. You danced a couple of times during the evening, but whenever a guy got too persistent or forward you quickly left the dancefloor, and employed whatever hexes necessary to get rid of them!
After the Ball, you met up with the others of your group and headed off for the Hufflepuff dormitory. Cedric caught up with you all halfway there, and there was the usual good-natured teasing about him and his date, and what the good-night was like. You were so tired you could barely drag yourself up to your bed and change before falling asleep.
Then for some reason you woke up. You were wide awake, and couldn't fall asleep again for anything. Sighing softly, you put on your cloak and padded down the cool stone hallway to the Common Room. There you saw someone else sitting on the couch facing the fireplace. In the dim light of the burned-out logs you recognized it was Cedric. You approached and smiled at him when he looked up. You sat down beside him and you both were quiet for a long time. Then he looked up, and touched your shoulder. When you were looking at him full in the face, he began to speak.
"Bodicea," he began. "Something bad might happen in the next challenge in the Tournament, and I want you to promise me you won't be too upset. Don't get upset. It's not what it seems. Can you promise me that? I....may not stay here.....after the final challenge is Dad says I should come home. But, please, please, promise me you will remember what I just said, and not get upset, alright?" "Ced? What is it? I promise I won't," you add earnestly when he glares. "But really, what is it that's going to happen? What's wrong?" But he doesn't say anything else on the subject, and when you finally feel tired again, and head back to bed he stays on the couch staring at the dying fire.

Then the final challenge of the Tounament begins, and you watch Cedric go into the maze as Harry Potter does. You had always felt a little sorry for that Potter boy, seeing as he was always in spotlight, whether for good or ill depending on the latest issue of the Daily Prophet. But you listen to the band and talk with your Friends of Many Houses, while waiting for it to be over. You see sparks and one of the teachers heads off to go and remove one of the players from the field. It was Fleur Delacour, and she just sits on the bench shivering and silent. You wonder what had happened to her, but then Madame Pomfrey arrives with a Soothing Potion, and then Miss Delacour gets a little of her normal self back....which may or may not be a good thing.
But then there's a sudden flash on the field, and the first thing you think is 'Portkey?!' But that thought is soon wiped away as you realize what you're seeing and hear what Harry Potter is sobbing out. "No," you breathe. There is just no way that Cedric is dead! He had a great life....girlfriend, awesome family, great grades, a bright future, and now.....Voldemort had SO much to answer for. Mr. Diggory is shouting and running for the field where his son lays. You jump up, and hurry down onto the field pushing through the crowds of people still on the stairs, dumbfounded. You pass Cho, who's sobbing silently, hanging onto the rail, and she looks at you through glazed eyes. A young man behind her catches her as she faints. Finally you make it onto the field and move in a stunned way over to Cedric's body. Harry looks up at you, tears still running down his face, as he explains that Cedric wanted Harry to bring Cedric's body back to his parents. Then you look down at Cedric's face, the eyes still and glassy, wide-open and fearful. More tears gush down your face. Cedric was not fearful, not in battle. It was a cruel twist for him to die looking scared. Harry is led away by Mad-Eye, and you drop to your knees beside Cedric. You brush the hair back from his forehead, and then slowly bend over and kiss his cold forehead. Mr. Diggory watches you silently, and takes your hand when you sit back up. "He was a good boy, wasn't he? He was kind and friendly?" "Oh, yes, Mr. Diggory, he was an awesome man. No one who knew him will ever forget him, I am sure of it." Mr. Diggory nods, and looks back at his son, releasing your hand.

The story proper begins the next day, after Dumbledore's speech (like in the movie, I forget if it was in the books).

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