Marshmallows and Chocolate

this is by Mackenzie and Ayla!! :D a.k.a. Cindysue42 and Volleyhorse27!

Chapter 1

Peppermint Meeting Part 1

Hello, I'm Hikari Yamaguchi. I live in a small town, of a small world. And in my small town, everyone eats sweets. My town is called Dialkea and is located in the far east of North Quinime.
I have a great dear friend. Her name is Sayomi Suzuki. Well at first we weren't friends, but I always liked her! I'll tell you about the day I met Sayomi Suzuki.
It was the first day of Jr. High School. It was nerve-racking! Sweaty palms, buckling knees, butterflies! But then I saw this girl sitting on the stairs of the entrance hall. She had long, flowing brown hair and these red eyes. She was wearing a leather jacket and grey converse. Black skinny jeans. Unlike me. We were like total opposites. Me with my short brown hair, light blue eyes, wearing my favorite blue dress, and my maroon bow in my hair.
But as you should know, opposites attract! So I walked up to her.
"Hi, I'm Hikari Yamaguchi." I said. She looked up at me and nodded, then went back to her drawing. I glanced at it. "That's pretty." I said. She closed the notebook.
"Thanks." She muttered and walked away. I knew that day, we would be great friends. Most people would've given up on her, but I had this feeling! I can't explain it, but it just felt right.

Hi. I'm Sayomi Suzuki. As my friend here has already told you, I live in a small town where people excessively eat sweets.
So about me. I have brown hair and red eyes. Yes, red. I like dark colors. I sometimes keep to myself, and I like to draw.
Let's see... Where did I meet Hikari? It was the first day of middle school. I was just drawing in my notebook, sitting on the staircase when a girl in a frilly blue dress came up to me. She said "Hi." and introduced herself. I nodded as if saying "hey". She looked at what I was drawing and said, "That's pretty." I closed my notebook, said thanks, and walked away from her.
Never would I have thought that she would later become my best friend, with us being so different from each other.

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