it's a love poem.

Chapter 1


by: Special
Why is love so hard to hold
Why is love so hard to understand
The only thing you hope
Is to hold that persons hand

You hear people laughing in the hall
At home you barely get sleep
You don't know whether it's real or not
But the feeling is always intently deep

Love is a horrible yet wonderful
It makes the blood run through your veins
The pain from a heart break
Leaves permanent scars and stains

Love makes people do crazy things
It doesn't really have a right time
It's kinda like a mysterious murder
And it's you who did the crime

Warmth is found only in memories
Hope is lingering in the shallow air
Coldness is found in the world around
Loneliness is surrounding you in despair

Memories speak in your head in voices
They speak softly and slowly to enchant you
The make you feel lonely yet thoughtful
It's eating away and you let it chew

It's hard to say that it's true
And that you never want to see
It happen to you or any of your friends
Heartache is bad as it can be

And during these times of torture
It's like it's all a scary dare
Love isn't just an musing emotion
It's a terrifying nightmare

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