My Biggest Mistake

My Biggest Mistake i guess some of you have read this before.Posting the old chapters aswell!Thanks for reading!You guys are the best readers ever!!!!!!!
Love you people!

Chapter 1

How It All Started

by: HariDeen
I was never really a bad girl.Scratch that,i was never really bad!I just got into the wrong crowd i guess.My names Amani,people call me Ani.I'm 15 and i guess you could say i'm wild!I've just made one of the biggest mistakes of my life.
You see,every since i turned 15 i kinda decided to go....crazy.I guess it happened at the party,but i was heading that way before.
I was getting sick and tired of people saying "Amani's such a goody-goody,she can't do anything bad!" well i rebelled!
It was late September,i was stomping off after an arguement.That's when i saw them.Kat and her friends.They were high.I kept walking,until Kat bumped into me.Back then i didn't know who she was.
"Whoa!I'm sorry love!"She giggled.
"It's alright."I said.
She grinned.
"You seem cool,most girls would have freaked or flipped out!I'm Kat by the way.And you are?"She asked with a smile.
"Amani.Nice name!"i replied.

"Amani,that's unusual.This sounds so childish,but i think you and i,we could be good friends.Wanna try it?"
"Um...sure!"I laughed.
So simple,so easy.But that was the begining of everything.
Slowly i began to change.To slip away from what i used to be.Who i used to be.Kat and i became close,really close.She became my best friend.People would talk rubbish about her,saying she's bad,but i knew better.She was just as lost and of need of someone who understood her as me.We just clicked.
"Well then,i think imma call you Ani!"
And Ani i became.
I still kept my grades up,i still tried not to get in trouble at school.I was just different.......

"Ani!Come on!I'm telling you,you so need to come to this party!"Kat gushed.
She couldn't stop talking about what we'd wear,how she'd do our make-up,all the cute boys-the list was endless!
"Kat,i really don't know i've never really been to an actual party!"I said nervously.Okay although i'm now considered a 'bad girl' i've never been to a proper party!
"Well we'll see this as your debut!Everyone will get to know you!You'll meet people who you've never talked to!It will so pump up your status!Not to mention be fun!"
"I don't know....."I was still unsure.
"/Please/?!For me?Your best friend ever?"
"Fine!"i laughed.She stopped pouting and smiled.
We looped arms and walked the rest of the way to school.
I guess we were to busy talking to realise that there were actually other people,thats when we bumped into Jenna.Jenna was one of my old friends,half of them didn't talk to me now because they were scared of me.
"Watch were your-Oh sorry A-ani."She looked scared.

"S-sorry A-ani...."Jenna stuttered.
Before i could reply,Kat narrowed her eyes.She looked feirce,just like a Cat after it's prey.
"Yeah you should be sorry.Now run before we decide to actually do something you will be very sorry for!"Kat's eyes had an evil glint to them.She said it with such a sickly sweet voice with a harsh undertone.It was hard to believe this was MY Kat!
Jenna scurred off.
"Urgh I can't believe you used to hang out with those losers!"She laughed.
I couldn't be as mean as Kat,but i just chuckled.It was like they were from another life!
"So this party....."

Lunch Time
Kat was kept behind after class.So i walked down to our spot.I bumped into Layla.
"Oh hey Layl!"I smiled.
"H-hey A-ani..."
"Layla,it's me!You've known me since....forever!Why are you acting like that?!"
Layla looked scardley around,then spoke.
"Amani,you've changed!Your not the same girl i've known since forever!Actually i don't even know you anymore!"

"You don't even act the same!Actually you don't even look the same!"
"You know what!You know $-h!t about me!So don't judge me!/You/ can't take the fact that i have got somewhere,whilst your still a LOSER!"I laughed.
Oh God i was becoming a complete b!-tch!
Layla looked close to tears.
"And you know what?If you were ever a true friend you'd accept me and be there for me through whatever!But i haven't seen you or spoken to since September!So you have no right to say what you just did!/NO RIGHT/!"
Loads of people where looking at us by now.Jalil came over,put a arm on my shoulder and said:
"Is everything alright Ani?"He asked,eyeing Layla with his i-take-no-cR-@p look.
"Everythings fine,Layla was just being stupid,like always."I grinned.
Layla ran off crying.We both started laughing as Jalil lead me to the rest of the crew were.
Jalil was really cute,he had a buff body and an amazing heart-melting smile.Yes i really really liked him.

But he was so confusing!We flirted and from what i could tell,he seemed to like me to!
Everyone was sitting on the wall,even Kat.
"Guess what peeps,are Ani's becoming a tough one!She just made some neek cry!"He laughed.
"That's my girl!"Kat said high-fiving me.
Everyone laughed,for once we weren't high.
"So this party...."Kat giggled,leaning on Mikey,her kinda boyfriend.
"I'm so there!"People buzzed.
"So..Ani,you going to this party?"Jalil asked smiling."I'm there if your there."
Kat winked at me,time to get my flirt on.
"Well i may do,i just don't know hardly anyone there."I said pouting.
"Well you have us,and i'll keep you company."
"Yo blad!Some guy wants a spliff!"Danny yelled.
I guess i forgot to mention that he's the school's drug-dealer.
"Be back soon."He winked.
"So Ani,you going to this party?"Danny asked.
Danny was Jalil's best friend,i mean Best.Like Kat and I.
"Yeah i may do.."I said,not really paying attention,i was to busy watching Jalil.

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