Circus [9]

Here it is!!!

Chapter 7

Tumbling Practice



I spent thirty minutes just stretching my muscles. I did each stretch for thirty seconds. Then when I did the three types of splits, I held each for 1 minute. This has been my routine ever since I was five. Today, I would basically work on strength training.

"What do you want to do first?" My trainer, Ally Mae, asked.

"I'll do the Grip first." I said. She nodded and left to go get a tech helper. The Grip is when they lower a bar to the ground, I grip it, they raise it, and I have to hold onto it until they lower it. Usually Ally Mae has me up their for ten minutes or more, depending on her mood or how well she thinks it would help me. I shook out my arms as the long, silver, metal bar lowered just low enough for me to grab hold of it.

I gripped the bar tightly as it slowly began its ascent. It stopped half-way up - so if I did fall then I wouldn't be hurt besides a couple bruises. I held onto the bar and did what I usually did. I mentally detached my arms from my body. It wasn't hard to do since I've done it so many times before. This way I wouldn't know if my arms hurt from holding my weight.

One Hour Later~

Ally Mae and I were practicing my choreographer on the high bar. She had me do my usual routine. Then we started to add harder stunts that would push my limits. It felt good to do something new. Something exciting. Something dangerous.

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