Circus [9]

Here it is!!!

Chapter 1

I Think You Might Care

"Um...I don't know if..."
"Just start singing, you'll be a hit." He said and pushed me onto the stage with a microphone. Music started playing and I sang a long...I need this money so bad. I was singing Silly Boy when I noticed two familiar heads in the crowd.
I kept singing, "Silly boy, silly boy. Why you acting silly boy? Silly boy boy (boyboy), acting acting silly boy." The music stopped and the lights went out at the end of the song. I heard screaming and I couldn't get Mark and Riley's heads out of my head. I walked back to the piano and the lights came back on. I sat on the bench and saw the manager look at me questioningly. I had to sing this last song.
I started singing Who Am I To Say by Hope, and I watched Riley just watch me play and sing.

End Of Night~

I went backstage, changed, and hoped to sneak out without Mark catching me. I wondered how they had known I was here. I tried to arrange the events of the day but they always became foggy and I had to restart. I was walking down the long, dark, desolate road towards the circus when I heard a truck stop. My heart froze, but my legs did the exact opposite. I tightened my grip on my guitar strap holding my guitar to my back, and ran.
Behind me I heard running and then I was tackled. The person who tackled me made sure to keep my guitar safe. "Let go of me!" I screamed and they pulled the guitar strap over my head and took the guitar away. "No!" I screamed, the guitar is the only thing I have left of my mom. I struggled but managed to flip onto my back. The person who had tackled me was Mark and he lifted his fist and punched me in the neck. I gasped and gripped at my neck. I couldn't breathe.
Mark raised his fist and brought it down on my right eye. I was still gripping at my neck and trying to breathe. Tears streamed down my face, I'm going to die. Mark sat on me so his knees were on my ribs. It burned like hell and I heard a crack and managed a scream.
Riley - who had been standing aside holding my guitar and staring in horror - put my guitar down and pulled Mark off of me. I had managed to catch my breath and when Mark's weight was lifted, I laid on my side and clutched my sides. I was sobbing and with every sob came another shock wave of pain in my ribs. "Get out of here!" Riley yelled.
I heard walking and remembered the truck was Riley's so that means Mark had to walk back to the circus. I heard the truck door open and then I heard my guitar set down on the floor of the truck, then I heard footsteps in gravel. A hand rested on my hand which was still clutching my side, and heard Riley's gentle voice. "Cas, let me see if anything's broken."
I nodded and he picked me up. He carried me to the truck and laid me on the bench seat. He gently rolled up my shirt and I held back a scream when he touched one of my right ribs. He touched one of the left one's and this time I screamed. "Ok, there are maybe three that are broken, I'm taking you to the hospital."
I shook my head. "There's a doctor at the circus," I whispered and my voice was hoarse and I winced.
"Ok," he whispered back and got in the driver's seat. I laid my head on his lap and while he was driving, he brushed his fingers through my hair.

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