Twilight True Love (Emmett Cullen love story)

Twilight True Love (Emmett Cullen love story)

Hey pplz this is my Emmett Cullen love story! My friend mrshardylutz is going to be in the story so YAH! Enjoy!

Character info:
Perla Gonzalez
age: 17
hair: Black
eyes: Brown
will be a Vampire! trust me!
srry it's short for right now!

Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Forks

My name is Perla. I'm 17 years old and live in New York. I'm moving to Forks because of my mom's death. I have to move with my Dad in Forks. I have to stay 3 more days for the furenal(sp?). I have to move with my 2 brothers as well. But still the last thing I want to do is move to Forks!

3 days later~
After the furenal me and my brothers left for Forks. It was going to ve the first time in over 10 years I was going to see my dad again. My brothers don't remember him because they were only babies at the time. Anyway on the plane ride there I couldn't help but think about what happened to my dad after me and my mom and brothers left him 10 years ago. Did he remarry? Was he seeing someone new? Did his life and job change when we left him? Many questions filled my mind. I couldn't helput think of so many things. It was hard to have sooooo many things filling up my mind. But the one thing that really filled up my mind was why did he never call us? or even write to us. Just to check how we were doing. I don't why but I knew i was going to ask him and very soon.

Later~ When our plane landed i grabbed my brothers hands and we walked out of the plane and got our suit cases. We stood there for a sec to see if I saw my dad anywhere at all. then I heard someone scream my name "PERLA!" I heard. I turned around and saw my dad. He looked very different to me. Like he did something to make himself look different. He almost looked like my mom's brother (our uncle). Then as we walked over to him I though 'Why coudn't we live with uncle John it would have been so much easier in my though'. Anyway my dad said "Hey perla" "Hi" i hugged him and then he let go to hug my brothers. When he took us to the car he but our suit cases in the back and then drive off. He was talking to us in the car. My bros were listening. I was listening to music on my ipod touch(btw this what my friend does listens to music on her ipod touch mrshardylutz). When we got to the house you could tell he had this place redone. The whole house looked different. He took our bags showed us to our rooms and let us unpack. And what made this day even worse was that my dad HAS A GIRLFRIEND!

Tell me watcah think!
I want a comments!
ONE FROM PERLA! (mrshardylutz)

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