A Horror Story

Sorry, Just Idk what to call this. But I'm in a Halloweenie Mood. Keep the story going?

Chapter 1

How It Starts.

Allie Brinks came downstairs as a clap of thunder came through. She skipped down the last step to turn and see her mother and two year old sister in the kitchen.
"Hey, Al." Says her mother as she slides on her shoes. "I'm going to go out with Jenny tonight, would you please watch Natali?" Allie nods as she grabs her soda off the counter. "Sure." The lightning struck and Natali whimpered. Allie picked her up and comforted her.
Allie's mother made her way to the door. "I should be home buy midnight. Thanks, honey!" She walked out pulling the door shut behind her. Allie sighed as she listened to Jenny's car pulling out of the drive way. She took Natali into the livingroom and turned on the television. She placed the two year old in the play pen and plopped herself on the couch.
The storm was getting closer. Allie's skin started crawling. She picked up Natali and headed for the stairs. "Okay, Natali. We are going to play camp out." Natali clapped her hands and giggled.

They walked into Allie's room and began gathering blankets when the lights went out...


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