am i dreaming? i must be

jessie a 19 year old teen has a fellig her dreams just came true for real could it be find out more

Chapter 1

i must be dreaming !!

by: ginniepig
it was a nice sunny day as jessie walked to school with her friends calvin, marry , jeff rosie ,connor and sam .Thare theacher the day before had told them that they would be getting a new student in thare class today and that he would like rosie to show him around everyone was so exited to see it this kid was wered or someone they aculy would like to hang out with .When they got to class and sat down wating for mr brono to come it they all talked finally Mr Brono came in with the new student the student walked in after Mr Brono all the kids stared at him i dident even notice him at first intell rosie turn to me and said he's kinda cute so i looked up to see cuse you no iam singale and thares no hoarm in looking when .....................OMG I MUST BE DREAMING I HAVE TO BE is all i yelled out every one turned back and looked at me i was so inbarsed and of corse no one in the class new that this guy looked just like the guy in my dream my dream guy cole wich is the new kid just looked up at me and gave a little laff omg iam so inbarsed as if this is happening to me not now and why dose this cole guy look just like the man of my dreams


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