The Blossoming Rose

The Blossoming Rose

A life long adventure is about to begin.
Two children that grow up in a village, learn all the important things of life and even learn things about themselves along the way.

Chapter 1

The Blossoming Rose - Part 1

by: NitNat2
Running towards the densely isolated playground; a small six year old girl, no taller than a metre high, made her way towards it, cheerfully humming a light tune. As she reached the outskirts of the playground the few children that were there looked at the clan symbol on her clothing, recognising it in an instant, turned their backs on her like she had done something wrong. A kid whispered to another with a tone of great hate towards her.
“What is she doing here?” he growled slightly then turned to the young girl.
“Go back to where you came from you freak!” he yelled at her as he lifted a rock off the ground and threw it at her, hitting her on the forehead, cutting it, causing it to bleed. The girl blinked slightly and looked down at the ground, completely ignoring the fact that she was bleeding, barely even feeling it. A young boy that was sitting in the distance, watching, got up from his spot and walked over, upset about what the other kid had done.
“Hey you! What’s the big idea picking on her?!” he yelled in anger as he pushed the kid slightly out of the way. The other kid glared at the young boy but didn’t reply. He quickly walked off with the other kids. The young boy turned to the girl and held out a hand kind hand.
“Hi there. What’s your name? My name’s Kenji” he said happily with a smile on his face. The young girl looked up nervously and answered.
“M...My name’s Rose...Rose Inoue” she answered, unsure about what Kenji might do. Kenji smiled and lightly took hold of her hand, holding it.
“Nice to meet you Rose. I hope we can be friends” he said yet again with a bright smile. Rose then answered his question yet rhetorical.
“I...I’d love to” she smiled back at him, kind and caring in a way that Kenji would never forget from this day forward.

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