Sort of my version of Sailor moon, except everyone's a plant.Please, PLEASE!! Message me on what you think and if anything's misspelled.

Chapter 1

#1_Corcella Returns

by: medabee
In ancient Venus, the evil black rose, Poison, has taken hold of the dark crystals and has trapped all of the Garden Gals(kinda like Sailor Scouts, eh. eh?). Corcella(Sailor Moon), shaking, got to her feet. Poison eyed her from across the great hall."You're weak Corcella. You are no match for the power of the dark crystals!" Corcella got out her septor,"CORCELLA!" Poison rushed at her, smashing her to the diamond thick wall. Corcella breathed for air as Poison's thorny hand choked her. She raised the septor once more and with her final breath she said"reform" The septor shoot giant beams of light that covered the planet. Then souls of the Garden Gals, Corcella, and Poison and her apprentice floated off in the form of colored orbs. Thousands of years later they came back. The souls of the venian warriors had reincarnated into their new forms. Yin(Artemis), the adviser and one of the protectors of Corcella, had finally reincarnated into a venian bunny body."Why is everything so gigantic?"he thought. He began to walk on the New Venus side walk. He walked next to window of the clothes shop. He looked at his reflection."AAH!"he said stretching out his long ears,"Why?! When I see Corcella, I'll--."He herd a racket near by. He walked towards an alley and people circled around what looked like a fight. He squeezed through the crowd and his eyes were in awe. He saw the reincarnation of Corcella. She had petals(face and hair) that were a mix of scarlet and pink and her leaves(arms and legs) were leafy green. She had dragged her opponent downward and started ramming punches at her. Soon teachers from the school and authorities began chasing after them.The crowd of people and Corcella began to flee, Yin followed.The wind filled the inside of his ears and he was lifted off the ground."Woah!"he said. He then got used to it and flew over to Corcella."About time Yin" she said while running away from the authority in back of them. She then jumped over a side fence and tried to hide with the junk there. Yin hid in a tree. The authority didn't seem to find them and left. Yin and Corcella laughed afterward. Far from New Venus, Poison had also reincarnated and finished building her base on New Venus' moon. "I've finally found you."she said peering into her crystal ball. She saw Corcella and Yin walking from the alley."And with the keeper of the dark crystals! HAHAHA!! Geminite!(Jadeite)" Her apprentice appeared to her and bowed"My queen." She peered into her crystal ball again. "It seems the rebirth of Corcella has arrived. Do say hello, will you. He he he!"Geminite Got to his feet. "As you wish my queen." He then disappeared into the darkness. Back down in New Venus, Corcella and Yin are trying to test out Corcella's new powers. "Yin, do you still have my changing wand?"Yin reached in his little pouch "Yeah... It's... Right.. Here!"He held up the wand witch looked more like a pen. It was mostly colored a mix of scarlet and pink and had a flower on top with the symbol of love(from digimon) on it. All of a sudden a dark orb flew toward Corcella's head. She ducked before it could hit her. The orb remained still in the air and turned into Geminite. He looked mostly like a dark shadow person with claws and spikes on his head. "My queen wishes for the possession of the dark crystals. Give them to me or feel my wrath!" Corcella looked at the wand. "Talk about good timing for a test dummy." She stood strong and held her wand high. "CORCELLA PRISIM POWER!!!" Everything struck light as Corcella began her transformation. Her leaves and roots got covered with glossy red gloves and boots. Sparkles around her head turned to her crown with the symbol of love on the center. The struck of light ended. Yin could not believe his eyes. The rebirth form of Corcella stood again as the hero of Ancient Venus now New Venus forever more!(I think I over did it) "Your new outfit doesn't impress me"said Geminite. "Well lets see if your impressed with this!" Corcella reached out her hand. "Corcella! Septor!" Nothing happened. "Yin what's going on? Why can't I summon my septor?" She worried. "Sorry Corcella. I made it so you could used it when the Garden Gals have met up with us. I didn't know you would need it this early." He covered his face with his over sized ears. Corcella stood strongly. "That's okay! I've always got my crown." Geminite began to charge at them. Corcella pressed on the symbol on the crown til it lit up. "Corcella! Crown! Beam!!!" A sparkling ray dash towards Geminite. He got hit. Slowly he got back up. "I'll use my strength another time." He turned back to an orb an floated off. "Okay!" Corcella said in excitement, "Our new mission: To look for the reincarnated forms of the four Garden Gals. Then with our combined strength, we'll use the diamond septor to end Poison for good!" Corcella and Yin left the alley. Up above on New Venus' moon was Poison peering through her crystal ball. "Hmm..." she pondered, "The Garden Gals, huh. That's it! Geminite!" Geminite appeared to her looking weak. "Yes, my queen." he tried to bow as low as he could without hurting himself. "Find these new reincarnated forms of the Garden Gals and destroy them!"Geminite stood up. "As you wish my queen. I'll gather up troops with devious powers to come looking for them. They won't stand a chance."

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