Twisted In Love (A Justin Bieber/ Christian Beadles Love Story)

This is just my own imagination coming to life...... hope you like it and put urself in Samantha's(the main character) place! ok so here is an overlook...... 1.ur samantha 2.ur best friends are Nyla ( about 4ft 11in, thin, fluffy haired girl) and Toni( 5ft 5in jst like u shes a thin, brown haired average girl) 3.ur an amazing singer trying to catch a break in the music buisness 4.ur manager is Kay 5.ur sister who is justins age is named Laura... ths it so read on people!

Chapter 1

Stuck in School

"Sam!!!!", yelled Toni," Wait up!" I stopped and waited for Toni before walking to the bus stop. "Hey," I said when Toni finally caught up."Did u study for the history test today?"asked toni. "No, I was up all nite writing a song," I replied enthusiastically."Mr. Phitz said it was gonna be pretty hard what r u gonna do when it comes time to take the test?" Toni asked with a worried expression. She always looked out for me and knew I couldnt afford another bad grade on one of his tests. "Wing it i guess....." i answered totally unconcerned. "That doesnt always work Sam!"........"I know Toni but when I'm famous I'm gonna be the one ur learning about in a History text book!" I yelled with confidence. All that confidence bleed out when i noticed everyone staring at me like i was an idiot. So instead of getting that look the whole bus ride, I decided to walk the 10 blocks to my school. Of course Toni wouldnt miss the opportunity to laugh at my embarassment, so she walked the ten blocks with me.
We got to school and I figured I would have enough time to study before my test. I was so wrong! All day i couldnt get any time to study and it was driving me crazy that i was gonna skrew up another one of my tests. It was last period. Time for History. This was gonna be interesting.
"Did everyone study?" called Mr. Phitz. He stared directly at me as he asked this question. Though he obviously knew the answer. "Yes," I lied with the sassiest tone I could make. He took it to offense and anger spread across his face. "Well we'll see about that," said Mr. Phitz in the most aggitated voice I had ever heard from him. "Clear your desks," he said in a voice that sounded like he was going to take pleasure in all the terrible grades. Just as I threw my books under my desk the office buzzed the classroom over the intercom. "May we see Ms. Samantha Hart in the office with her books please?" asked a scratchy voice from the intercom. "Yes," replied Mr.Phitz grumpily,"but may I ask if she will be returning?" "No she is leaving for the day," said the same scratchy voice. I gave an undeniably to eager grin in Mr. Phitz's direction and I could tell he saw it. It didn't matter how he tried he couldnt bring the anger that I was going to be able to study when I left and get a good grade on his test off of his face.
I quickly grabbed my books and headed out the door before Mr. Phitz could assign me work over the weekend. I headed over the bridge the connected the older students' building to the little kids' building and the main office. I pranced happily down the stairs into the office to see who was saving my tail this time. "Kay!!" I screamed. I was over excited to see my manager standing with a giant smile on her face. I recieved multiple "shush"es from the secretaries in the office, but i rolled my eyes and ran over to Kay. She said hey Sam and gave me a big bear hug. It was so awesome that my cousin was my manager cuz she knows everything I like and who I would want to work with.
She said with a big smile on her face......."I got you an audition to perform with........."

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