Before He Was Famous (Re-started)

I already worte some of this but I'll put more detail, maybe change some detail, and it'll probably be longer. (Some of the famous people are fake)

You start off the story with your best friend, Jessie. She bought you plane tickets for your brother's birthday. She figures the best present for him is to get the two of you away from the house. You're on the plane going to L.A. to see the very famous Kent Williams. Your name is Marina. Enjoy!

Chapter 1


"Jessie, I didn't think we'd actually go to California for this Red Carpet Event (still pretty much unnamed). I thought it was going to be much closer to home," You say as you get off the plane with your BFF.
"Well, I told you we'd celebrate your brother's birthday well. And my gift to him is getting you and your parents out of the house." Jessie pokes you in the ribs.
"I can't believe Kent Williams will be there. We'll actually get to meet him!"
"Well, we're going to. Besides he has the same agent as my parents lawyer. Richie always has stories about him."
"Oh yeah," You say getting more skeptical than before.
"Look! There's the limo!" You had no idea your friend could get a limo.
You get inside and there's more small talk. After about an hour of driving you get to your hotel room to change for the Premier (oh, that's where your going now).
Your ready to hit the Premier in a blue dress, while Jessie is wearing green.
You get there and you see a whole bunch of (pretend) famous actors and directors and producers. Finally, you get to the reason you were there -- to see Kent Williams (I sure told you enough). (I've never been to or seen a real premier so this is probably not going to sound real but here goes) You get in line to get Kent's autograph, after about five hundred other girls. Kent comes up and does about fifty autographs before you get within his sight range.
He looks up, you and Jessie are about ten people from the table. "Marina?" You look around, surely he could know your name. "Marina Torentio?"
"I think he means you Marina." Jessie says pushing you forward.
"Marina" Kent says as you approach the table. "It's been forever. You look exactly the same. How've you been?"
"K-k-kent, h-h-how do you kn-n-n-now m-m-my nam-m-me?" You say before you get sick from nerves (you don't really).
"Marina, you don't remember?"
"Rememb-b-ber what?"
"Obviously not," Kent looks down dejectedly. He scribbles something on a picture for you and Jessie and hands them to you.
"Come on, Rina," Jessie pulls you away. Both of you still stunned. You guys see the movie that's being premiered. Then, still remembering the enconter with Kent, you guys go home trying to understand how Kent knew your name. Was it some elabrate hoax your brother concocted?
Even if it was an elaborate hoax between your brother and your best friend, it felt great to have a real celebraty know your name.
You go into the bathroom to shower and change into your PJs and brush your teeth and other stuff. You go to bed and dream that you and Kent meet in this rose filled feild, then this acid rain comes and ruins the picture like celluloid. You suddenly wake up, breathing hard. You look at your digital clock adn it reads 5:42 am. You realize your not going to get anymore sleep, so you go into the kitchen and order room service raw so you can cook it even though the guy on the phone gives you a puzzled sound. While your waiting for the food to come up you turn on the T.V. and naturally what's on the screen is a scene from the middle of The Shadow Train starring Kent Williams. You turn off the T.V. the second you see his face. Then you hear a knock on the door. Room service. You go to the door and pick up the food and take it to the kitchen. You make eggs, and bacon, and french toast. You make orange juice from real oranges. By the time your done it's 7:35, so you decide to make the breakfast look fancy. Then at 7:50, you put it on a tray to take in to Jessie. You knock on the door and you hear a grunt. You walk in and Jessie's rubbing her eyes and her bed's a mess.
"Hey, Jess," you say with a nervous giggle, like your afraid you woke her up. "I couldn't sleep, so I made breakfast. Hope you like it," You set the tray on her lap. "Bacon and eggs and french toast."
She takes a bite of the French Toast, "Rina, this is really good."
You guys smile. Then you leave and eat your own breakfast. After a while Jessie comes out, not an image of herself while in bed, but because of sleepovers, you knew that about her. She was dressed just right, with perfect make-up and perfect hair. Whereas you were wearing an old T-shirt and Jeans with your hair hurridly combed. "So, Rina, you ready to do some sight-seeing? Not like the sights of last night."
"Yeah, I just hope you didn't plan too much stuff around Kent Williams. I'm still recovering from yesterday."
"No, only half of it." Jessie says walking across the room wearing her devil smile. "I'll call a cab."
Fifteen minute later the cab comes to take you to a museum. A museum of the stars.
You go down the hallways and look at histories of famous people like Charlie Chaplin, Marylin Monroe, Kiddy Davis, Darren Lakavik, and a lot of others. You stop for the longest at the display about the humble begining's of Kent Williams (Naturally). There's things like a picture of him and his girlfriend taken by some paparazzi shortly after his first movie, but you can't see her because they're standing by a tree, and the picture quality is horrible.
There's an old hat fabled to have been givin to Kent by his girlfriend, but who knows why it's in the museum and not on his head. You go to touch the hat, but the security guard coughs their fake cough. You take your hand away. Then somebody on the other side of the hallway is doing something wrong, breaking glass or somesuch wrong. You sieze the moment like never before and grab the hat. You feel like you've been electrocuted and put through an old fashion clothing dryer. Your suddenly on an oldish looking street. They're kids running around with pound of hair gel on they're heads making their hair stand up oat all these crazy angles.
"RINA!!" Jessie screams after the cloud of gold dust disintegrated. "Rina, where'd you go!" Everyone stopped and stared at what had just happened. A girl and a hat had vanished into thin air. The security guard comes over.
"I warned her not to touch that hat."
"You knew that was going to happen?!?" Jessie yelled at him.
"Ummmm, no. I was going to take her to the place where 'bad' people go."
"No, Rina." Jessie fell to her knees. The best friend she had ever had simply disapeared one second while standing in front of her. The guard tried to stop Jessie's Sobs, but they were too hard.

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