the wolf who came to be

Chapter 1

kyle nigera

by: TrueAlpha
Hello there my name is Kyle Nigera I am a boy in 8th grade the smartest in all my subjects but I don't talk to anyone and I don't help anyone right now it's 6th period and I’m done with my work waited for the bell to ring and then someone walks up to me
"um....hey hi Kyle" this girl was Maria Gingar she was in all of my classes since elementary school she didn't talk much but every boy talked to her because she had a ‘mature body’ if you know what I'm saying she said
"Kyle how are you?" She asked her face somewhat red
"you know you say the same question once a week and i always say I'm fine" I relied she "oh....sorry I won’t bother you any longer” and with that she walks back to her desk then a I feel a punch to my arm
"What’s the matter with you, geek!" I turn around and see Jake star football player of the school he was stupid and but just 2 inches taller than me he was a big annoyance for me because well you know the school’s foot ball team is always a prick to the smartest one in the class.
"How can turn drive away the babe of the class? I thought you were smart, geek" He said with an annoying smirk.
"You should pay more attention on your work then me, if you an F in a class you're off the football team" I said coldly to him he just gives me an angry look and continues his work. The bell rings and we all walk out of the class but then from the side of me Jake punches at me I back up before that punch could connect
"I've had enough of you acting all high and mighty!" He yelled at me clenching his fist with that yell a crowd starts to gather and talk
"What? It’s not like that at all. I don't say anything to anybody" I said tilting my head
"you don't say anything but I'm sick of you getting all the glory of the class the teachers always say you should be more Kyle, you should ask for Mr.Nigera's help I'm sick of it!" he yelled back "it's not my fault that I’m smarter than yo- wait it actually is, but I'm not fighting you" I said as I then turned around and starts to walk away. Jake runs toward me and grabs my shoulder but the second I got grabbed I yell calmly
“Mr.Tomsion!!" then the history teacher Mr. tomsion comes
"What’s the problem here?”
"Jake tried to fight me all because I'm better than him at school" I said without turning around He then yells at Jake
"What why did you try to such a thing"
“How do you know he's not lying?" Jake said with a scowl
"Kyle is an outstanding student with an amazing record of never getting in trouble and never tells a lie you on the other hand have no right to be talking back, come with me" he grabs his arm and walks to his room. I then walk out of the school. After good walk I get to my blue two story house I walk to my house, unlock the door and see my little brother and sister Hallie who’s 11 and jack who is 10 by the way I'm 14.
“how was school” Jack asked standing next to me “
I almost got in a fight” I relied walking to my room "it was that jock?, Jake right?" Hallie asked
“Yea, it was him” I replied
"It's hard being so smart when there are stupid people who always try to get in your way" Jack said
“so true, where's mom and dad?” I stopped and asked
“There out at a party” Hallie said. I forgot to tell you this my parents rich how rich you ask we have money in the billions but I really don't care about it a normal kid would kill to be in my spot I'm rich me my brother and sister is the smartest in the class, girls call me handsome but to tell you the truth I'm not that happy. I then go in my room take off my sneakers and my messenger style book bag and go to the back yard. I had a forest for a back yard you know there’s some grass then a bunch of trees, No really we our backyard is a forest a huge one. Jack opens the door see's me
"what are you doing Kyle?"
"I’m going to explore the forest. I’ve lived here for years but never actually gone in here"
"but on the news they say there's a high number of wolfs in there" jack said
“i know, so don't tell mom and dad" then I walk in the forest.

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